what can it possibly be?

Posted: March 21, 2017 in Uncategorized

I am happy, but there are some things that are more important than happiness. What could possibly be more important than happiness? In book 1 of Aristotle s ethics he mentions that true happiness comes from virtuous actions. This is well and good when virtuous actions line up with things that bring us happiness but there are and will be times when virtuous actions can be hard and not fun.

In our Sunday school we have been learning about the differences between joy and happiness. Honestly until this study was felt like, happiness and joy were synonymous and and difference was simply semantic, however I have realized now that joy is a foundation and joy can exist in the same space as happiness anger any and of the other emotions. 

We cannot be happy all the time but we can be joyful all the time. I am no ethisit and can hold no candle to Aristotle however one criticism to the work of Aristotle would be that we can have joy when we act virtuously even if acting virtuously makes us unhappy. 




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