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Posted: March 22, 2017 in Uncategorized

Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights. Alexa, tell me the news. Alexa, play music. I bought the Amazon echo device as soon as it went on sale. I grew up watching the tv show, Star Trek the Next Generation. On the sci-fi show, the spaceship that the Star Trek crew flew around space in was controlled by a high-powered computer that, would work with the voice commands of the crew. As soon as I saw the commercial for the Echo on the Amazon website I knew that I wanted a device that would work a lot like the high-powered voice computer on the Star Trek tv show.


The Amazon Echo device in my home controls the lights and thermostat I am working on setting up other home devices like; door locks and maybe the sprinkler system. The Amazon Echo technology is still new for me and not quite ubiquitous. The other day my girlfriends’ niece was over, she is a two-year-old and is still learning to speak properly, I watched her mimic her aunt and try to turn on the lights in our kitchen by speaking to the device.

Seeing the two-year-old speaking light into existence made me think about a new book released by Yuval Noah Harari,  “Homo Deus;  A brief history of Tomorrow”.  In his book, Yuval plays with the notion of man becoming god-like.

If you believe in the Christian, Islam, or Judaism faith you believe that, god spoke the world and everything in it into exsistence.  Speaking into existence would be step one towards creating a god-like being, step two would be??? I would think creation of life or preservation of life.

We as a society are living in a moment of history that is pivotal we will shape the new gods. What will we do as gods? my hope is that as gods we will build art and save lives. Basically I hope and believe that, man will do good. So go out there and prove me right by, doing good today.

Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow by [Harari, Yuval Noah]




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