Outside of the chamber 

Posted: March 24, 2017 in Uncategorized

Earlier this week our preacher encouraged the congregation to get out of their comfort zone to help others. We should obviously help our family and friends but real growth real joy real accomplishment comes when we go out of our way to help strangers and dare I say, enemies. He mentioned the words echo chamber and I immediately thought about an article in the Washington post. The article explained how social media often acts as an echo chamber and mentioned some steps the consumer can take to avoid getting trapped in this echo chamber.

A Reflection on Comfort

Growth comes with pain; the internet, facebook, this blog are probably not too painful for my one fan to read because chances are I echo the sentiments of my one follower. To avoid getting trapped in the echo chamber we have to, get outside our comfort zone.  I encourage you today to learn something and do something new. Do something safe but painful, work harder and get outside your comfort zone by helping a complete stranger.





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