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Posted: March 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

Have you ever tried to, catch a greased pig? I have not, but I have watched children try it and it was hilarious and it looked pretty tough. Seriously watching the kids chase the greased pigs was so funny!

I hear the idiom “like a greased pig” and the words “Teflon Don” and I imagine tough things to do that are also quite rewarding. Have you ever eaten bacon? Bacon is delicious and it requires catching a pig. Now, pigs aren’t usually greasy but greasing a pig makes catching it funny. Catching ungreased pigs is not that easy either but it is so worth it. Bacon goes well with eggs, waffles, and coffee. For those of us who, do not live on a farm cooking bacon does not involve catching a pig but we do have to work to earn money and trade the money in for bacon. Depending on the job you do getting bacon may be fun or hard or fun and hard to do but it is so worth it.  Teflon Don, those words were used in describing Mafia bosses who never seemed to be convicted of really awful actions they have done. Al Kapone was one of the most famous gangsters in the world. Al did it all, murder, racketeering,  collusion, selling illegal goods and bribes. Kapone left in his wake death and destruction for families all over the United States. It took a lot to catch and prosecute Al Kapone but when he was prosecuted I can’t help but think many lives were spared and the United States could sleep better.

Image result for yogi berra if it was easy, it wouldn't be

Life can seem hard but I have to encourage you to focus on, the rewards from the hard parts and to do your best to have fun!





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