Everyone and no one 

Posted: March 29, 2017 in Uncategorized

Bitcoin is a platform for engaging in transactions online. When you use bitcoin you update a public ledger that is shared across computers around the world. The ledger is owned by everyone who has a bit coin wallet. Bit coin is a favorite of libertarians around the world. Some criminals enjoy the anonymity that bitcoin provides.

Commercial interest enjoy the speed of the transactions take place at in the accuracy of bitcoin transactions. I myself feel like bitcoin represents a new way of governing the world. The bit coin model if you will, is a model in which every individual is their own agent but together do great things. The bit coin tomorrow for me is very much like the model for the original United States government. The United States government was only in operated by everyone and no one at the same time just like bitcoin. The major problem with bitcoin is that human depravity seems to have no limit and bitcoin is used to engage in more and more deprave actions. So, the bit coin model does have some problems but like Lincoln said the government should be a fostering hand. In the United States we have just recently went through a regime change, it is my hope that this regime will work to employ the bit coin model and in powering the citizens of the United States and be like Lincoln and protecting the citizens of the United States. We will see. 




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