Be the fool

Posted: April 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

Physics is the branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy. Basically, physics is a study of anything and everything in the entire universe at almost every level. The study of physics can seem overwhelming and hard but it is important to understand how and why physics works. Richard Feynman was a world-famous theoretical physicist, who worked on the Manhattan Project for the United States government.  Feynman went on to become a professor and help many others understanding and apply physics to their lives.

Physics can be confusing and make us feel foolish but we should all be fools because only fools can learn and grow. Every day we should aspire to be fooled and learn something new.



“When you’re thinking about something that you don’t understand, you have a terrible, uncomfortable feeling called confusion. It’s a very difficult and unhappy business. And so most of the time you’re rather unhappy, actually, with this confusion. You can’t penetrate this thing. Now, is the confusion’s because we’re all some kind of apes that are kind of stupid working against this, trying to figure out [how] to put the two sticks together to reach the banana and we can’t quite make it, the idea? And I get this feeling all the time that I’m an ape trying to put two sticks together. So I always feel stupid. Once in a while, though, the sticks go together on me and I reach the banana.” — Richard Feynman





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