We have the tools

Posted: April 11, 2017 in Uncategorized

Last night I stared at my laptop looking for a good way to phrase my thesis statement for a research paper. I was lost in a butt of thoughts and really had a hard time focusing. The college that offers the course I am taking also offers a very nice set of tools for doing things like, research and writing research papers. I logged into one of the tools and used the tool to create a focused thesis statement that, asked a question, provided an answer and gave me some great points for my supporting body in the research paper.

With the right tools, I truly believe that humanity can do anything. People have walked on the surface of the moon. On a more recent vacation, I breathed oxygen at the bottom of a reef.  With the right tools, there really is nothing that cannot be accomplished. Wait, with the right tools in the right hands there is nothing that cannot be accomplished.  I guess a bigger question than availability or possibility is, what is right.

There was a TV show that aired in 1973 starring Lee Majors. The tv show was called “The Six Million Dollar man” the astronaut Steve Austin was injured and the NASA scientists decide to rebuild the injured astronaut. In an iconic opening sequence the words “we have the tools to rebuild him”, were used by the scientists.

With the right tools, NASA created a super government agent that could help with any sticky situation. You have tools you just need to use them.







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