Think Carefully

Posted: April 24, 2017 in Uncategorized

“We must take care right now, that we think carefully about our next move.” The grand master looked past the board into her pupil’s eyes as she spoke. Being a student for over two years now Brad found her green eyes far less intimidating and focused less on the graceful tutor and more on the challenging game. She had never used those words before, Think Carefully. Why was she using the words now and what do they mean?

Think; reasoning,  remembering, making rational decisions. Carefully; taking pains in one’s work, perform with accuracy.

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I am a terrible carpenter, some may even call me a “wood butcher”, I love woodwork and wish I was better at it but I am not. Now, you may not know this about me but, I never quit, like never ever and I have done my share of wood butchering and I continue to butcher the wood, one thing I have started doing differently is, the way I cut the wood. I have strayed away from power tool use. See, power tools cut the wood quickly and errors are made and amplified.  Hand tools force the user to take his time and do not allow for the speed and amplification of the mistakes.

It would do us all well to take our time and think carefully when we go about our life.





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