New and Old

Posted: April 25, 2017 in Uncategorized

I have been binge watching the show Black Sails online. It is a really great show about Pirates who are docked and make Nassau their home. In the show, the pirates and colonial forces from the UK and France often make mention of Old and New world. The idea of the old world and new world conjures up a polarized worldview and I often wonder if it is this view that has propelled humanity forward in the way it has. I also wonder more often now than before if what we have called progress is really progress.

See the idea of a new world can mean a lot. With hope, tolerance, and respect a new world can bring prosperity and promise and true progress but, imagine a corrupt new world, where there is no tolerance and no respect, would this have prosperity and promise? No, it wouldn’t the new world would be polarized, there would be poor and rich and they would struggle, does this sound familiar?  Without tolerance and respect for humanity, the poor struggle to get to “limited” resources and the rich struggle to maintain. See, the rich are not struggling to maintain the limited resources because the resources are really not limited. I could go on and on about the scarcity fallacy but I encourage you to learn about this yourself. At its core, the scarcity fallacy basically points out how, even though resources may seem limited they really are not. The rich and powerful, understand that there is not a scarcity, not really other than manufactured ones. See life is limitless, together with, hope, tolerance respect everyone can rise and take part in progress but without theses principles, the New World is only available to  a ruling class that hands out metered resources and work to control resources not in an effort of stewardship but in one of hatred, bigotry, and disdain. The income gap is at an all-time high in the history of the modern world.

I Love the Beatles, their music is a source of immense pleasure for me and I think almost transcendental in its nature. There is a song they sang it was titled, “All we Need is Love” in the song the group encourages the listener by letting them know they believe in them or have hope in them. The song lets the listener know that they are accepted and respected. See without love for everyone we will never get to the new world. Right now we are not living in enlightened times not when one class of people suffer they way they do. We are still living in the dark ages. There is great promise in the body of knowledge we have amassed as a species. Humanity understands what were once secret and yet with this new knowledge we still live in the dark ages. As a species, we deny love and embrace bigotry.  If I could encourage you to do anything I would hope it would be to embody love through inspiration, acceptance, and appreciation for fellow humans. We cannot help each other if we do not love each other.






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