The only time it works

Posted: May 4, 2017 in Uncategorized

Is when we all sing together. That is the truth, isn’t it? I heard a man describe the muppet show this way. He explained how the show was full of wild diverse characters that shared little common ground but when Kermit brought them all together and they sang it worked.

Life is a lot like the muppet show. In life we meet and interact with people who look, think and act differently than we look act and think. This difference is eloquently put as diversity. In evolution, there is and has to be diversity for life to evolve and survive.  My mom used to tell me that we need everyone and my dad would say that it takes all kinds. They were and all right.

Diversity has to happen and can be tough to deal with but when we all sing together and keep what makes us unique that is what makes it work. There is a balance you have to strike up. When we all do this we get masterpieces like the muppet show. But how do we do it? What keeps us diverse and brings us together? The answer is easy but not obvious and sometimes it can feel impossible and like it is never going to happen but it is easy and simple and here it is…. Are you ready?






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