Oh where oh where

Posted: May 11, 2017 in Uncategorized

It has been a full week since I last published a post. I was not on vacation, I was not “super” busy, (side note here anyone telling you that they are too busy is a liar) I simply took a break. I sat down to write this post and began to wonder what my one fan thought. See I try to write on a regular basis. I imagine that one fan wondered where I was and immediately (because this is how my mind works) the song “Der Deitcher’s Dog”, or “Oh Where, oh Where Ish Mine Little Dog Gone”. When Septimus Winner published this song I cannot help but think that she had skipped blogging for a week. Well, maybe not, blogs were not real popular in 1864.

The song describes how a dog got lost and was captured by a butcher and turned into sausage. Yeah, you didn’t sing that part in nursery school, did you? It is important to remain calm when something happens that is not normal but also be vigilant. Someone we know doesn’t show up for work or doesn’t post a blog for a couple of days, maybe a phone call or email is warranted just to be sure they are not sausage and to let them know we care. The thing is we do not want our concern to be construed as nagging meddling, so maybe one email and one phone call, not 50.

The psychologist would call the phone call or the email an action of our love language. We show our love or concern for others through the call or email. do the ones you love know it? Why not call or email them?





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