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Have you seen the movie “Lilo and Stitch”? I have and I absolutely love this movie. There is a young lonely girl who is being raised by her older sister. Lilo, that is the young girl’s name, befriends an alien who was created by a mad scientist with the purpose to wreck havoc on the world. The alien is named Stitch. Stitch and Lilo find love and learn what Ohana means. Ohana means family but in Hawai Ohana is bigger than biology and love has to be at the center of the family and binds the family and strengthens it.

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I grew up with a mom a dad and my sisters. There was never a moment in my childhood when I did not feel the love in my home. Not everyone is as fortunate as I was.  My ex-wife and I have children and the kids live in two homes their childhoods are way different than mine but through the efforts of the family, I think that my children have always experienced and felt love. In the movie Lilo and Stitch, the alien has some great lines. One is;

“Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten”

― Lilo and stitch


and the other…

This is my family. I found it, all on my own. It’s little, and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good.

Author: Lilo & Stich

I love these lines from this movie. Why?? Well because we are all just messed up and disasters and it shouldn’t matter if we are family then you can be broken and little and if you are a family you will not be left behind. Moms, dads, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles will do anything for their family. It may be messy and take time but family helps the family. The family will fuss and fight but when they love each other they will no matter what, take care of each other.

What’s up with all the family talk? Hey, thanks for asking. See I live in an army town, Hinesville GA. In this town, there is a church the name of the Church is  House of Prayer Christian Church. The church is facing allegations from a lot of Hinesville citizens. The charges brought against the church have come from various sources and are troubling for me the most troubling charge and source comes from parents who are pleading with their children and the church. The parents feel that the church has been and continues to be a wedge in their family.  The local paper has covered this News story. 

As part of the coverage, the local paper filmed a town hall meeting that got heated. The meeting broke my heart when a father and mother were reaching out to their son and he chooses the church over family.


I am not sure what your religious affiliation is but I am sure of this, a religion that destroys a family is not a religion I can support. So no matter what anyone else says be good to your family.





Why it matters

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Everything we do is registered as a memory. This is an odd concept and kind of hard to understand. You are reading this post and you may believe that you are reading it at the same time that you are seeing it but you’re not.  the light hits the screen and then you look at the letters and spaces and your brain makes this proper with chemical reactions. So now really doesn’t exist it cannot exist and everything we experience is a memory of the action.  Some people like me, finds this idea of everything being a memory super interesting and other people, I am told most people, are all like “so what” everything a memory why does it matter?

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Thanks for asking. The reason it matters is that we construct our memories and we build and rebuild them all the time and we build and rebuild them using emotions.  So let’s say you had a paramour that you were completely and utterly head over heels for.  It seems to happen to all of us. We meet someone special and love life. The grass is greener, the sun is brighter, we love the sound of the birds singing in the morning. Then it goes south, we develop something that is not loving and our memories from the time spent with that person get rebuilt in a different way a darker way.  The attitude in which we live our lives will shape our memories and our memories are our reality so, honestly; attitude is everything. That aphorism is completely true. We can approach life with a positive outlook and live a full and rich life or we can do it with something that is not loving and things may not be good.  It really is in your hands. Live is really what you make it. Let’s all do our best to make it awesome!




What is it?

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As we grow up we meet people and learn and do the best we can to help each other live full lives. That is the goal, right? To live and help others live a full life. But what is that? A full life. I love this movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life” in the movie the protagonist struggles with depression, so much so that, he contemplates suicide. An angel appears and lets the protagonist know how much impact he has had on family and friends and why his life and his friend’s lives are more full. In the movie, our protagonist is a banker for a savings and loan type of bank. I believe that he owned the bank.  George Bailey, that’s our protagonist name, experienced a financial crash at his savings and loan bank. Savings and Loans banks cannot deposit their investments, because of odd state rules, because of this odd law George invests the money into the bank owned by his competitor.  Georges competitor takes this opportunity to crush the savings and loan bank. This moment is the one that plunges George into his suicidal depression.

Savings and Loan banks were first created in the United States during the early 20th century. The banks helped members of communities become property owners and build equity in their families and generate wealth but there were problems and in the 80s a huge crash. After and during the crash rules were made by state and federal governments.

The rules were weird and depending on who you speak to do or do not work. The rules are changing all the time but the goal of the rules should never change.

There should always be financial tools for members of the community to gain and save capital see this is the goal of the rules and anything that stops this goal should be prohibited.

During life, you will face many situations, situations that may not seem black and white in these situations we often must make up our own rules.

On the show NCIS the main protagonist was a man named Gibbs and Gibbs had his own rules.

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So we always create our own rules but we must remember that our rules must be good for everyone




This is what people do?

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The movie Wonder Woman was recently released and I have watched the movie two times with some wonderful people. DC Films and Atlas Entertainment have created a really wonderful film. I do not want to spoil the movie for anyone who has not watched but I need to divulge some of the plots. The story takes place during WWI this is important because the scene I am referencing is a scene in a war-torn town that has a brief respite from the war.

Wonder Woman (2017 film).jpg

War is hell. War takes and destroys and gives too. War brings out the best and worst in men and women. War is Trauma and can have some serious side effects on society and its citizens.  War is conflict, there are two sides and when both are uncompromising and resort to violence there is war.

Men and women all fight their own wars, psychologists call these internal conflicts. Many psychologists feel that it is their duty to prevent men and women from resorting to violence when they are internally conflicted.

In the town, our protagonists enjoy drinking and dancing and Wonder Woman asks if this is what people do when they are not at war? The question made me think, we are not at war as a society but what are we doing? Are we working on helping others and doing good? We should, good is the enemy of war, good keeps war at bay good prevents the violence. Do yourself and all us a favor today and do Good.



There is always a way

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No matter what happens there is always a way to get what you need and want. I really believe this. My mom and dad did a great job taking care of me and my sisters, we were feed, educated and protected. Above all the things that happened my mom and dad believed in me and my sisters. The power of belief is something that I have seen make a huge difference.

NPR covered a story about the power of belief, the story was pretty good.  The story involved touching and the difference it made in lab rats. When rats were touched and treated well or encouraged they performed better (quick note.. that link may not be correct I have not verified it).

My parents demonstrated their belief in me so much that I believed it and so much that I know believe in the power of everyone I meet. I truly feel like no one is living up to their potential. I really think that humanity is capable of anything.

I am a Christian Baptist and two major tenets of the Christian religion are; the deity of God in the form of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and, that the Son dwells in the hearts souls and minds of the believer in God.   So the through the deity of the Son God dwells in the hearts, minds, and souls of humanity and God can do anything.

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The price of tea in China

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1983 President Ronald Ragan in the night States gave a speech in order to drum up support for military action in Central America. In Reagan speech, he mentions how the city of Nicaragua is closer to Miami than San Antonio Texas in Washington DC.

The speech was an odd one and didn’t make much sense to me but it did help drum ups support. When I was younger I would use strange arguments to try and convince my mom to allow me to do something that she would not approve of.

My mom would say “What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?”

Last year I read this amazing book called; “The History of the world in 6 glasses”.  In the book, I read about how tea came from China and went all over the world.

When I hear about arguments for and against action I often try to ask myself ” What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?”  See many people have hidden agendas and will utilize manipulation through asking questions that have nothing to do with the argument at all. Being level headed makes a big difference. I encourage you today and tomorrow to work towards good stuff in a steady and consistent matter and when someone tries to encourage you to do something that seems brash ask yourself “What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?”




Nothing except for…

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I just finished listening to a podcast on the show 99% invisible. It was a podcast that covered a massive earthquake in the 50s they hit Anchorage Alaska and the woman from the Anchorage radio station that covered the earthquake.Genie Chance was a woman in a man’s world who kept her wits when a major tragedy struck and informed the world about the tragedy. She directed the emergency services and relayed messages between friends and loved ones over the air.

The podcast points out how temporary everything is. Earthquake, tornados, hurricanes almost every natural disaster often destroys what man has made and purposed to be permanent. Natural disasters have a habit of pointing out the temporary nature of everything. Nothing is permanent, everything is moving and changing and resting on a razor’s edge, but see something is permanent.

Humanity is drawn to this thing and its promise of a perpetual nature. Humanity has throughout time worked tirelessly to find this thing. My mom would tell you right away what this thing is. It is God.

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God does not change, God transcends everything we know and can see, God is bigger than everything there is was or ever will be, God is omnipotent.

The Christian religion believes that god lives within the followers of God. This power that is not something we can explain or quantify exists within men and women and when men and women allow this force to work I have seen some things happen that are permanent and perpetual like love, compassion, and unity. The earth shakes and everything breaks except for the love within.

Today you will work and do good work productive work but what will last? The work you’ve done or the way you’ve done it?