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Posted: June 7, 2017 in Uncategorized

I just finished listening to a podcast on the show 99% invisible. It was a podcast that covered a massive earthquake in the 50s they hit Anchorage Alaska and the woman from the Anchorage radio station that covered the earthquake.Genie Chance was a woman in a man’s world who kept her wits when a major tragedy struck and informed the world about the tragedy. She directed the emergency services and relayed messages between friends and loved ones over the air.

The podcast points out how temporary everything is. Earthquake, tornados, hurricanes almost every natural disaster often destroys what man has made and purposed to be permanent. Natural disasters have a habit of pointing out the temporary nature of everything. Nothing is permanent, everything is moving and changing and resting on a razor’s edge, but see something is permanent.

Humanity is drawn to this thing and its promise of a perpetual nature. Humanity has throughout time worked tirelessly to find this thing. My mom would tell you right away what this thing is. It is God.

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God does not change, God transcends everything we know and can see, God is bigger than everything there is was or ever will be, God is omnipotent.

The Christian religion believes that god lives within the followers of God. This power that is not something we can explain or quantify exists within men and women and when men and women allow this force to work I have seen some things happen that are permanent and perpetual like love, compassion, and unity. The earth shakes and everything breaks except for the love within.

Today you will work and do good work productive work but what will last? The work you’ve done or the way you’ve done it?





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