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As we grow up we meet people and learn and do the best we can to help each other live full lives. That is the goal, right? To live and help others live a full life. But what is that? A full life. I love this movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life” in the movie the protagonist struggles with depression, so much so that, he contemplates suicide. An angel appears and lets the protagonist know how much impact he has had on family and friends and why his life and his friend’s lives are more full. In the movie, our protagonist is a banker for a savings and loan type of bank. I believe that he owned the bank.  George Bailey, that’s our protagonist name, experienced a financial crash at his savings and loan bank. Savings and Loans banks cannot deposit their investments, because of odd state rules, because of this odd law George invests the money into the bank owned by his competitor.  Georges competitor takes this opportunity to crush the savings and loan bank. This moment is the one that plunges George into his suicidal depression.

Savings and Loan banks were first created in the United States during the early 20th century. The banks helped members of communities become property owners and build equity in their families and generate wealth but there were problems and in the 80s a huge crash. After and during the crash rules were made by state and federal governments.

The rules were weird and depending on who you speak to do or do not work. The rules are changing all the time but the goal of the rules should never change.

There should always be financial tools for members of the community to gain and save capital see this is the goal of the rules and anything that stops this goal should be prohibited.

During life, you will face many situations, situations that may not seem black and white in these situations we often must make up our own rules.

On the show NCIS the main protagonist was a man named Gibbs and Gibbs had his own rules.

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So we always create our own rules but we must remember that our rules must be good for everyone





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