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If an argument last more than five minutes then more than likely both sides are wrong. This is a pretty safe edict to use throughout your life even if, you are one of the side arguing. When engage in argument everyone wants to be right no one likes being wrong but if we are proven wrong by other than ourselves will never learn anything, so there’s nothing wrong with being wrong. 

There is something wrong with not learning something when you’re wrong. Life is short and long time is weird like that Einstein called it relative Doctor Who caught it Wimberley wobbly slimy Wimey thing. Whatever time is it is surely a commodity no one should waste and an argument that takes more than five minutes is a waste. Value your time 




19 and bulletproof

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Last night I downloaded the book titled “the gunslinger” by Stephen King. I I am in the middle of reading a nonfiction book that, it’s quite interesting however it is still nonfiction. Last night I wanted to start reading some good fiction work. I figured why not start with the dark Tower series by Stephen King The master of nonfiction work. I had a hunger to read something good in the forward for the book satisfy that hunger immediately.

In the forward Stephen King explain how, at the age of 19 he felt compelled to write the dark Tower story. He mentioned that he felt compelled and begin writing at 19 but did not finish the story until 2003 age 58+. Stephen king point out how time and mortality sneak up on us he eloquently put it in analogist form. He calls time the patrol car up the writers a citation and he mentions how one of his major citations written to him by the patrol cop was a car accident at age 38. This car accident let Steven King know that he would not live forever and he needed to get busy working on the Dark Tower

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I’ll do it. You and me are not going to make it out of life alive. If you have something you need to do like a dark Tower series I compel you to do it now. Tomorrow really truly may never come for you or I. I hope it does and I’m going to work very hard to keep tomorrow coming again and again and again and again but when it doesn’t come I hope that you can face eternity at rest without regret. The good news is if you’re reading this you have a chance today to erase any regrets you may have tomorrow



The only way to avoid pissing people off is to do nothing important.” — Oliver Emberton.

There is an abundance of important work for you to do today. After reading this post take a second and write down what matters the most to you. Now that you’ve written out what matters the most, write down what each person or thing needs. Chances are high that some need nothing today but someone somewhere needs something and if you can think of no needs for those people or things that matter the most I encourage you to get out there and get more involved, broaden your network and worldview. Now that you have a list of needs, circle the ones you can solve today, square the ones that you could solve in the future and then get to work!

These lists are important and you will piss off a lot of people for different reasons but if your helping than you are doing good and pissing off people while doing good is a great thing. I may need to re name this post it should read first help than piss people off and then help more.

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People will try to stop important work, they will be upset when the status quo is shaken up but as long as you are a help and not a hurt you must keep going and if you are not helping I implore you for the sake of humanity to get started.

The world works when everyone works. Get working and help out, no matter how pissed everyone gets at you.



Complaining and critical thinking are often used interchangeably but, they should not. Complaints and critical thoughts may share some attributes but they are very different ideas and tools.

Complaining is simply stating a grievance, Critical thinking is an objective analysis and evaluation of a situation or issue. So, there seems to be a lot of similarities but there is one big difference and it is not semantics.  Anyone who has read my blog should know that I hate arguments over semantics. The difference between complaining and critical thinking is Analysis.

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Any good amazement involves solving a problem. There is the major difference between complaining and critical thinking. “Do not come to me with a problem and no solution.” The following words have been spoken by managers throughout time and the world. A critical thinker sees opportunities disguised as problems. A complainer only sees problems.

The world needs more critical thinkers and fewer complainers. Critical thinkers are awesome, complainers are not.

Be awesome today!!




Q E D 

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That which was to be demonstrated.  The first time I read those words together I did some head scratching and thinking and some more head scratching and then realized QED or “That which was to be demonstrated” is just another way of saying, ” It is proven”.

I am not great at math but I love math and I will geek out in a second at an interesting math equation. QED is often found at the end of math equations that are proofs. A math proof is a mathematical equation or a Philosophical one that, can directly point at a communally accepted truth. Proofs are big deals because they represent the truth or reality. Some famous mathematical proofs are; Bertrands Postulate, Proof that Pi is irrational, Godels completeness, the mean value and Sylows thereom.


Physics can get a little cloudy and confusing, proofs make it easier and less abstract. Life can also get cloudy and confusing but reality can make it better. Knowing the truth is a lot like finding proofs and the truth can serve the same purpose. But proofs and learning the truth can be a lot of hard work. The hard work is worth it.

Times will get tough and without proof without QED you will suffer far more than you need to. Learn more proofs and truth today. Put in the hard work now you will need it later