Q E D 

Posted: August 4, 2017 in Uncategorized

That which was to be demonstrated.  The first time I read those words together I did some head scratching and thinking and some more head scratching and then realized QED or “That which was to be demonstrated” is just another way of saying, ” It is proven”.

I am not great at math but I love math and I will geek out in a second at an interesting math equation. QED is often found at the end of math equations that are proofs. A math proof is a mathematical equation or a Philosophical one that, can directly point at a communally accepted truth. Proofs are big deals because they represent the truth or reality. Some famous mathematical proofs are; Bertrands Postulate, Proof that Pi is irrational, Godels completeness, the mean value and Sylows thereom.


Physics can get a little cloudy and confusing, proofs make it easier and less abstract. Life can also get cloudy and confusing but reality can make it better. Knowing the truth is a lot like finding proofs and the truth can serve the same purpose. But proofs and learning the truth can be a lot of hard work. The hard work is worth it.

Times will get tough and without proof without QED you will suffer far more than you need to. Learn more proofs and truth today. Put in the hard work now you will need it later






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