He got back up

Posted: September 29, 2017 in Uncategorized

I grew up watching the Rocky movies. Sylvester Stalone played the boxer, Rocky Balboa. Rocky would get hit in the ring again and again and again. Rock would fall down and get up, he would fall down and get up…..

Life is cyclic, whatever experience we have now is not here to stay, we will have good experiences and bad ones. We will be knocked down and lifted up. A person who is a champion, a person who others aspire to lift themselves up. I watched the Rocky movies and loved the character of Rocky because he got up. No one reached down and picked him up.  If someone stood up Rocky and pushed him forward the movie would have taken on a different dynamic and I may not have gravitated towards it.

It is against the rules to help a track athlete who has fallen.  Garth Brooks sings a song called standing outside the fire. The song was dedicated to Special Olympics athletes. In the music video for the song a young special Olympics track athlete falls.  He is surrounded by people who want to help him up but the boys’ dad won’t let anyone touch his son. His son has to get up on his own and finish the race. The video brings chills to me everytime I watch it.



I have a really hard time understanding people who do not get up. I don’t understand what that is because I know, you will get back up. The question is how did you get back up.

Get yourself back up,  and help others get up today!



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