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Posted: October 9, 2017 in Uncategorized

“Do you really care about it, or him or her? “ This question has been something that has really resonated with me since about Feb. of this year. It matters a lot to me because; when we care about something we do something and it is passionate and great! I find myself creating many goals I am ambitious. When I was a kid I approached a buffet as if it was a challenge and my mom said that my eyes were bigger than my stomach. This is how I approach life. It really makes me sad that, I will not live long enough to read all the books that have been published. Yes, that was and kind of still is a goal of mine, crazy right. I don’t always complete my goals and when I fail it bugs me, a lot.  I hate not completing my goals but I love trying and when I care more about something I try harder and love it even more.

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Yesterday in church the minister preached from the book of  Nehemiah. The story of Nehemiah is a tale shared by the Christain and Jewish faith. Nehemiah was a governor of Persian Judea and felt compelled by God to rebuild the city of Jerusalem.  There were many obstacles in Nehemiah’s way internal and external but he continued on and finally did rebuild the city. Why did he do it? He didn’t do it because it was easy or fun but it was rewarding and exciting. He didn’t do it because he would be living in comfort or safety it was quite uncomfortable and extremely dangerous, there was a plot to kill him. He did it because he cared about his countrymen and the city and of course God.

What if someone had to judge what matters to you based on what you do? Oh man, that’s a tough one. Obviously, you care about work because you are probably there. Do you think they would assume that you care about good work or just the minimum? Do you think they would assume you care about family?

When someone tends a garden it is often said that they care for the garden.  What do you care for?  You know we can only learn to love by loving. To care more I encourage you to engage in care. Help out be a hero and an advocate for someone and something today!

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