The only time it works

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Is when we all sing together. That is the truth, isn’t it? I heard a man describe the muppet show this way. He explained how the show was full of wild diverse characters that shared little common ground but when Kermit brought them all together and they sang it worked.

Life is a lot like the muppet show. In life we meet and interact with people who look, think and act differently than we look act and think. This difference is eloquently put as diversity. In evolution, there is and has to be diversity for life to evolve and survive.  My mom used to tell me that we need everyone and my dad would say that it takes all kinds. They were and all right.

Diversity has to happen and can be tough to deal with but when we all sing together and keep what makes us unique that is what makes it work. There is a balance you have to strike up. When we all do this we get masterpieces like the muppet show. But how do we do it? What keeps us diverse and brings us together? The answer is easy but not obvious and sometimes it can feel impossible and like it is never going to happen but it is easy and simple and here it is…. Are you ready?






The thing about fate

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Yesterday looking for inspiration and focus I turned to song and found it. I found both in the song  Who’s Your Uncle and the lyrics “I don’t f with fate” from the great Uncle Kracker and his double wide album.


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Fate is the development of events outside a person’s control regarded as determined by a supernatural power.  I am not a big believer in fate. I did not type that I do not believe in god but I do not really put a lot of water in the idea of fate and destiny only in this. I believe every human is destined and fated to live and die.

I feel like life is a lot like a boat and the rudder. The ocean is huge and sailors cannot control much of it. Boats can be big and small but all of them have some type of rudder. The rudder is often the smallest part of a boat and in the hands of the skilled sailor, a rudder can be manipulated to move a ship through the roughest seas around and around the entire globe.

See fate is really overrated and even though you seem small you can make a huge difference.



I did not post on this blog yesterday and I wasn’t going to post today.  I post because it helps focus my thoughts and I know it may not seem like it but usually what I post is focused and somewhat coherent. Yesterday I woke up and did my thing but I was not coherent at all. Today I feel a little more focused but not focused enough to stitch together a post. I think tomorrow has a lot of promise but we will see



New and Old

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I have been binge watching the show Black Sails online. It is a really great show about Pirates who are docked and make Nassau their home. In the show, the pirates and colonial forces from the UK and France often make mention of Old and New world. The idea of the old world and new world conjures up a polarized worldview and I often wonder if it is this view that has propelled humanity forward in the way it has. I also wonder more often now than before if what we have called progress is really progress.

See the idea of a new world can mean a lot. With hope, tolerance, and respect a new world can bring prosperity and promise and true progress but, imagine a corrupt new world, where there is no tolerance and no respect, would this have prosperity and promise? No, it wouldn’t the new world would be polarized, there would be poor and rich and they would struggle, does this sound familiar?  Without tolerance and respect for humanity, the poor struggle to get to “limited” resources and the rich struggle to maintain. See, the rich are not struggling to maintain the limited resources because the resources are really not limited. I could go on and on about the scarcity fallacy but I encourage you to learn about this yourself. At its core, the scarcity fallacy basically points out how, even though resources may seem limited they really are not. The rich and powerful, understand that there is not a scarcity, not really other than manufactured ones. See life is limitless, together with, hope, tolerance respect everyone can rise and take part in progress but without theses principles, the New World is only available to  a ruling class that hands out metered resources and work to control resources not in an effort of stewardship but in one of hatred, bigotry, and disdain. The income gap is at an all-time high in the history of the modern world.

I Love the Beatles, their music is a source of immense pleasure for me and I think almost transcendental in its nature. There is a song they sang it was titled, “All we Need is Love” in the song the group encourages the listener by letting them know they believe in them or have hope in them. The song lets the listener know that they are accepted and respected. See without love for everyone we will never get to the new world. Right now we are not living in enlightened times not when one class of people suffer they way they do. We are still living in the dark ages. There is great promise in the body of knowledge we have amassed as a species. Humanity understands what were once secret and yet with this new knowledge we still live in the dark ages. As a species, we deny love and embrace bigotry.  If I could encourage you to do anything I would hope it would be to embody love through inspiration, acceptance, and appreciation for fellow humans. We cannot help each other if we do not love each other.





Think Carefully

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“We must take care right now, that we think carefully about our next move.” The grand master looked past the board into her pupil’s eyes as she spoke. Being a student for over two years now Brad found her green eyes far less intimidating and focused less on the graceful tutor and more on the challenging game. She had never used those words before, Think Carefully. Why was she using the words now and what do they mean?

Think; reasoning,  remembering, making rational decisions. Carefully; taking pains in one’s work, perform with accuracy.

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I am a terrible carpenter, some may even call me a “wood butcher”, I love woodwork and wish I was better at it but I am not. Now, you may not know this about me but, I never quit, like never ever and I have done my share of wood butchering and I continue to butcher the wood, one thing I have started doing differently is, the way I cut the wood. I have strayed away from power tool use. See, power tools cut the wood quickly and errors are made and amplified.  Hand tools force the user to take his time and do not allow for the speed and amplification of the mistakes.

It would do us all well to take our time and think carefully when we go about our life.




Who is in charge??

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There are these really posh high-rise buildings in the big cities. Important men and women go in the buildings, some live there and others meet there. The men and women discuss policies and procedures, rules that everyone else will be forced to live by. The men and women go into the buildings and look out on the cities and the people in the city while doing their work.

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Initially, it can seem as though the most important men and women are the ones who walk through the doors and go up the elevators and have the meetings but those doors are heavy locked and need to be opened. The policies and procedures decided on the need to be cared out.  The doors do not open on their own, they are opened by doorman. One of the most powerful unions in New York city is the doorman’s union.

The policies and procedures are enforced through doorman following rules and police officers enforcing those rules.  See the real power does not lie in the men and women in the building but the power lies in the men and women outside the building on the street. The ones who wake up and go to work every day. Understanding that the doorman is the real power that is what makes for a good leader and a wise man.

When the best leader’s work is done the people say, ‘We did it ourselves.’ Lao Tzu

A good leader and a good person will realize that they are less of a leader and more of an influence and cheerleader. A good leader will empower the doorman of the world.


On a Mission

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I was listening to an interesting podcast that highlighted the Heavens Gate religion or what some called cult. Please, know that this post is in no way an endorsement of the religion, I am a Christian who practices his faith through work in a local baptist church. So, with that out of the way, let’s talk about the Heavens Gate religion a little bit. The religion that was practiced by the Heavens Gate followers was a sci-fi religion. In the late eighties, the group really took on the idea of sci-fi. The group called the home they lived in their spacecraft, they were a crew and when someone from the crew left the craft they were on a mission.

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Now, as I stated earlier I am not a follower of this group but I like lists. When I go to school or work I keep a list. Why a list? Well, I am on a mission I want to get things done. With my lists, I can check things off that lead to the accomplishment of my mission. I am all for getting lost too but ultimately I am always on some kind of mission even if the mission is to get lost.

I have been accused of “walking like I have somewhere to go” and when I get this accusation thrown at me I acknowledge it and let my accusers know that I walk that way because I do have something to do and I am on a mission. The mission changes and is different and I am not always successful with the mission but I am always on a mission.

I try to do my best to live purposely and I encourage you today to do the same. As long as the purpose is benevolent and malign.  Live your life with purpose.