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Powerful words! One of the greatest thinkers ever made this statement his “guiding rule”. The titles post has been the goal for a many adolescents on their journey through puberty, some will come out the other side assured and stable and other can become trapped in a state of “arrested development”. Those trapped in puberty will look for an identity in any and everything only to still feel a void in lack of understanding oneself.  These powerful words were carved in stone on the entrance to the greek school founded by Plato. I think the location of the words speaks to answer. How do we know thyself? The answer lies in honesty and education. Be honest with yourself and learn as much as you can about yourself, only then will we be able to know who we are.

The most interesting thing about discovery of who we are is how we will become more in tune with others and their needs, just setting us up for success. A firm understanding of oneself is really the first step towards being part of a   society that heals instead of hurts. I truly feel with love, education, empathy, compassion and honesty we can achieve something great individually and altogether.