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There was this movie called “Blow” staring Johnny Depp. Really good movie! The movie is the story of George Jung. George basically brought cocaine to the United States (true story).  Towards the beginning of the movie George is in jail for stealing a plane which he planned on using to traffic marijuana from mexico to the United States. While in jail Georges roommate tells him he had the right dream but was using the wrong drug and introduces him to cocaine. Of course the movie ends with George Going to prison and this is where he is currently, will be there until at Thanksgiving 2014. Illicit narcotics are bad I would never endorse taking selling or smuggling them but the conversation between cell mates got me to thinking about, an article I read some time back.

The article was about a college degree and whether or not it was worth it.  My generation was taught to..Learn as much as you can, go to college, get a degree and then you will get a good job. So my generation flooded colleges. We signed up in high numbers. With degrees in hand we hit the job market and now it is not uncommon to find someone in debt, with degree in hand serving beer to partying college students.

An education is a powerful thing. With the proper application of science and math the world has been drastically changed. There is nothing wrong with getting an education, but the high cost of college makes getting a degree a risk. No doubt our generation had the right dream I merely wonder if we went about accomplishing it in the wrong manner.

Perhaps when it comes to debt, even student loan, more consideration should be put into acquiring it.  Is the cost of college worth it? I guess the better question is. How much does it cost?

So in The United States the average college tuition cost $35, 000  a year a four year degree then cost in tuition only $140, 000. The average pay for someone with a bachelors degree just entering the work place is $54,000 a year.   Many economist will tell you that immediately this is a bad deal. However over long term the benefits of a college education will outweigh the costs. So maybe it would have been  best to be honest with ourselves w hen we started our college degree path. Can we really afford the school we wanted to go to? Will this degree get me a job? Can I pay for this without getting a loan?

Life is full of risks. Like college. marriage, starting a family, changing careers. We should never stop taking these risks, then life would be no fun, but these risks should be weighed and considered and I always try to remember that there is no one right way.

Truth can be stated in a thousand different ways, yet each one can be true.
Swami Vivekananda

Of course the good news is.. If you made a mistake so has everyone else and tomorrow or even later today we will get the chance to take more risks, make more mistakes and just live.