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What’s this?

Posted: September 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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My nephew held out the VHS tape as he asked his dad the question. “Dad what is this.” He smiled and answered the question while he felt nostalgic and obsolete all at once.

Things change, quickly and it can become easy to get caught up in the details of something.  Are there still VCR and VHS tapes out there? Yes, but now the delivery method for high and low quality film production is more Blu-ray and digital. Perhaps blu-ray. The delivery method has changed but the need for good content has not. People want to be entertained, educated and inspired, that is what good stories and storytellers do. No matter what the media is, if you lack a good story you will lack an audience and you and your ideas will not be remembered .  I am not big on legacy or trying to be remembered (I probably should be more concerned with that) I  like to think I am more of a “right now, in the moment guy”.  Excuse the digression, whether you are in the moment or a legacy guy the fact remains, they was we receive information changes.


The  idea that changing mediums change the message, is of course wrong and  makes me  think about  “nihil novi sub sole”, the Latin phrase for “nothing new under the sun”. That phrase is a strange and powerful one. When studying history we  may quickly ascertain that the  think that it is incorrect, we see all kinds of change and new things throughout time. There was the horse, the car, the airplane, the space ship. Many changes but still it is all travel right? The mode of travel has changed.   We still have the option to travel by all those means to today.  So what really matters, what really counts is not the way you or I travel it is traveling and you and I. man will always travel, man (and by man I mean mankind so man and woman) will always love and learn and be surprised. Man will always push the limits discover new ways of doing this traveling, loving, learning exploring until he or she doesn’t then there will be change then there will be nothing new, but this has not happened ever since life was introduced on this planet, it has always been learning, exploring traveling, loving.  Ever since the sun shined down on 3.6 billion years ago on the first prokaryotes life has been going on.

Sometimes when we feel our selves getting caught up in all the changes and becoming obsolete it helps to remember that we harbor life. We are living and life will never change. If you do your best to Learn, Love, explore, discover and travel you will truly enjoy living and through living you will realize, that you are not obsolete. Life is never obsolete. Life is an amazing ride and should be enjoyed!

Have a great weekend everyone!




Changes happen, sometimes changes happen all at once. Often the changes that happen are unexpected and even when they are expected they are usually unwanted. We feel like we are getting thrown a “curve ball”, it can feel like we have embraced the changes faced them head on and then another change hits us.  This can make us feel like retreat is our only option. “Fall back, to a safe place”. We look back and realize that what lies behind us has changed as much as what lies ahead. That is when we truly feel as though life stinks.

We have lost what is familiar and what we tried to embrace isn’t exactly what we thought it should have been. That stinks and is no good. We can feel scared and upset at the same time. When life starts to stink and make us feel this way it can sometimes help to define life. I thought about giving you the dictionary definition here, but we all know what that is. No you fill in the blank here. What is life, besides stinky right now?

Some say life is a gift, others a curse some a happy mistake, some call it a miracle, some say it is long some say it is short. Life is really truly what you make it.  It can be a gift or a curse. People with less than you have been more happy, people with more than you have been sadder than you and vice versa.

I am convinced that we have little control over many things. We cannot change the weather, or other people’s personalities, but we can control how we define our lives and to some extent we can control how we influence other lives.

So what is life? For you how do you see your life? I could tell you just how amazing it is that you and I are here in this state… That the universe worked magic that is incredible and created this amazing organism that is you, but see you already know this, life stinks but you don’t have to let the smell get you down..





John Goddard passed away, he was 88 years old and known as the real life Indiana Jones.

John served in WWII, went on expeditions all over the globe broke both the speed and altitude records. He has sailed down the Nile river and was the first man to sail the length of the Congo river.

John loved people and was always interested in their culture and lands. When he was 15 years old he made a list of 127 things he wanted to do and John did most of them.

John said that “writing down a goal was important. Most people say something and that doesn’;t mean anything.”

You may or may not be 15 today but that doesn’t mean you can’t sit down and write out a list. I know I am!

Make the goals things you always wanted to do no matter how crazy. Do not sell yourself short (man has walked on the moon) then (and this is the important part) start checking things off the list. Enlist the help of friends and families, your inclusion of them, may help them check off their lists.

RIP John G and thanks for this great advice.



imagesDid you read this post title? If you did, did it have the same effect on you as it did me? I know, I know you cannot be expected to answer this question if you do not know the effect this comment had on me. I heard this comment from a reporter who was immersed in a story. He mentioned that being immersed and living among people who “in habitat the headlines” was a truly rewarding experience.  So I thought about the words on my ride into work, and for the better part of the morning.

I like to listen, read and watch the news. I do this because I grew up watching my father do this. I never understood why my father did this. I mean the news has never been entertaining and is often uninteresting, it wasn’t until I heard the reporters quote that I realized, part of the reason I read, listen and watch the news is because the news is or should be our stories.

The news let’s us know what we have done and what we are doing. I use the word us as collective man.  We landed on the moon, we launched a telescope into outer space. I use the word we because even though I was not involved in those projects watching the news and monitoring it, kinda made me feel connected. So connected is not the same as in habituating the headlines is it?

What have I done this week? Well it is Monday so not much. But what will I do is it headline worthy? I hope so. I may be connected but not in habited to headlines now but check back with me at the week’s end



My grand father would come home from work, change out of his uniform, do whatever chores he had watch some tv, help out my dad, uncle and aunt with their homework, get washed up for dinner. His home and work life had no business mingling together. My grandmother, dad, uncle and aunt had a glimpse of grandpa’s work life on bring the family to work day but other than that there was a hard boundary and distinct difference you had home and work. My dad works still in the repair business. My dad would come home from work change out of his uniform help me and my sisters with homework, do some chores wash up for dinner and sometimes there would be a call on his cellphone. Dad would leave dinner change back into work clothes and go fix the broken devices. Dad wasn’t always on call the company would rotate the on call shift, but the boundary was a little blurred dad drove home a van with his tools in it and the company he worked for name plastered all over the side of it. When I first started working for the company I am currently working for they gave me a company cell phone and lap top. I can read and send e-mails from my work cell phone and I can log into the company’s network from any internet connections using the work lap top. For me as with many modern-day employees there is almost no boundary at all between work and home life.


I am not sure if there was a moment when the culture shifted or if it was a good or bad thing but I am sure it has shifted. Since this shift has taken place I have an important piece of advice for anyone entering the work place. Learn to do something you love. It is a lot easier to work at home during your leisure time when you love to do something.

I throw an aluminum can into a trash bin and I respond to my co workers reprimand about recycling with the quip “everything is recycled eventually.”  I usually try to find the recycling bin at the office and place refuse which belongs there in it but on the current day the bin was missing and I couldn’t find it. However when you think about it recycling does take place eventually.


I guess the question is when would you like this item to be reused or recycled. A lot of things happen with or without or actions. I am not sure about you but I like to believe we are to certain degree “masters of our fate” I am not so sure sometimes though when I see things happen despite precautions I have taken it is almost as though the universe has decided something would happen. So what do I do about things that will happen eventually? Do I fight and flee, embrace and nurture the changes or maybe a little bit of both?

What do you do about things that happen eventually? How much do you fight it? How much do you embrace it? I guess the answer depends on two questions which really shape your entire being. What is happening to you and who are you?



I was 21 years old, I spent my nights at the local factory as a machine operator and my days at the local college as a student. I was working towards my degree. The degree would get me out of the factory worker clock punching crowd and into the briefcase and notebook club carrying club. I had dreams of higher pay better hours and I am ashamed to say it but maybe a different group of people. I quickly realized though that no matter what crowd you are in people are basically the same, also that a company will not pay you better simply because you have a degree carry a briefcase and notebook. To get better pay you have to make a company more money and to be in a crowd or group of better people well that is impossible because on one is really better than anyone else are they?




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