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“Love what you do and do what you love. Don’t listen to anyone else who tells you not to do it. You do what you want, what you love. Imagination should be the center of your life” –Ray Bradbury

I absolutely loved and still love “Fahrenheit 451” I read the book at a break neck pace. I went with my brother in law to the local library book club. At the book club I listened and spoke with others who also loved this book. If you have never read this book you should. Ray Bradbury has a list of works that have spanned decades and been amazing.  It is something to note that this accomplished man puts so much weight into imagination.

Another accomplished man does the same:

Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Albert Einstein

Imagination is  is the ability to form new images and sensations that are not perceived through sight, hearing, or other senses.  Imagination is definitely “thinking outside the box”.

With imagination man has found cures for the incurable, tamed the wild and will find the answers to all the other things life throws at him.

Today is a Monday and you may come up against some situations that seem impossible. Whatever it is know that it isn’t impossible, you may just need to use your imagination.




Good morning afternoon or evening. I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July yesterday, and celebrated the United States freedom from the British oppression in a grand way! I enjoyed the day off a holiday. This morning I woke up and while awaiting my departure for work read an article on the internet, ( isn’t that were everyone gets their news now?)  which outlined 10 great movies in which the heroes are doomed.  I read the article because I love movies and I also love lists. Doesn’t everyone love these things?

The article does a great job of showing how even after the heroes triumph at the end of the well-known movies there is so much more unanswered and harrowing circumstances to their existence that one can only assume that the heroes are doomed. When you get the chance you should click the link and read the article, it is really good. The good article got me to thinking about the movies, the heroes aftermath, my life and a very cheap paperback I read in middle school. The paperback was titled “after the fireworks”. Now I am not sure what religion you adhere to or practice but I was raised Baptist and despite the older generations staunch objections there are many in the Baptist faith who use charismatic approaches to religious events. The book spoke to what happened after the event was over. When the fireworks burned out, post honey moon. There is a lot of life which is not a chaotic crescendo pitting good and evil. A lot of life in which we as the protagonist can seem doomed, however I am convinced that 90 % of our reality is based on our perspective of that reality and if we can find some way to cultivate a positive perspective on our life we will be just fine.

I am not worried about our protagonists in any of the 10 movies mentioned because they understand that life is  a gift, a journey and they embrace it.

Embrace it




Hey goal setter

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Just yesterday, I checked my e – mail account and read an e-mail from the day zero project. The day zero project is a community of world wide challenge based goal setters. If you find yourself with some of that coveted and illusive spare time, do yourself a favor and cruise on over to and set up a goal list for yourself.

Setting goals writing them down helps make them real. This website and project helps do that for you. Go on, when you get the chance set the goals and then do something crazy, accomplish them.

I have my list, as short as it may be and I am actually crossing one item off of the list this weekend. Writing down goals can seem petty and small but I think maybe, what is truly petty and small in those cases could be the goals themselves and not writing them down. when you write down your goal and see it in black and white it can help you gain perspective on what is important.

So set the goal write it down and then do it. The year is half over, so let’s finish up the back nine by moving everything from our to do list to our to done it list.




Ok so if you said Warren Beatty you get the gold star. In the 1967 movie Bonnie and Clyde Warren makes this insightful quote “Ain’t life Grand”. If you have just read the first line and are very confused please see my post from Friday.

The first statement, if you haven’t read my post from Friday can be a little confusing, it could be compared to opening a 200 page book up to page eighty and starting to read. You would be confused and lost. Much of the plot develops quickly in novels, of course being the sharp tack and bright bulb that you are, you would quickly understand what is going on, developed your own back story and have finished the book by lunch time. I am of course assuming you are reading this book on one of your days off. Even though you would figure out the book starting at the beginning of our imaginary book would make it easier to understand and maybe a little more of an enjoyable read.

When I was in the Army one of my drill sergeants would always make mention of being on the same sheet of music. Have you ever seen sheet music? I have it can look quite complicated. I have not yet learned to read music. I like singing in church the older hymn but the only instrument I have learned to play so far has been the radio. I have however been exposed to sheet music. My sister played the violin, my daughter the clarinet and I have seen the paino player at churchs sheet music. Some sheet music will have words and two different sets of notes on them. I can totally imagine the confusion if you were to turn the page to early, while you were part of some orchestra.


Sometimes at home and at work we can feel out of “it”. Usually after we get back from a vacation or have just recovered from being sick. There are routines in social structures that develop a mature over time and if we have not been there for some time we will not be accustomed to or even know some of the nuances of these routine. It is important to, relax, take a deep breath and remember, what Christopher Robin told Winnie the Pooh when something different happened to him.

“Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. Christopher Robin to Pooh”. 



As a child growing up in the eighties and nineties I became obsessed with things and accomplishments. In little league I wanted to win trophies, in karate I wanted to earn belts, in school I wanted A on my report cards. There is nothing wrong with success and benchmarks for success, however I was told by my grandmother to slow down and enjoy life. She was right. It is important to keep in mind the immortal words of the great Ralph Waldo Emerson.. “Life is a journey, not a destination.” 


At work there is a bulletin board. Being the fun guy I am I like to put up some famous quotes and have people guess each week who the author of the quote is. This weeks quote is not Ralphs but one from another famous author, one of my most favorite authors. This weeks quote is “Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened”  Dr. Seuss.   The quote is from a different author but dealt with almost the same thing. We should stop and realize that life is a very precious gift all of it even the parts we don’t like and if we focus to much on the end we could miss the best part and really the only part, the now.

So my thanks for today go out to the good Dr. and Mr. Emerson. Thanks guys. Thanks for reminding us through your words that life is really grand. PS who said “ain’t life grand” ?

(I will tell you on Monday)



Last weekend my oldest son wanted to visit the bookstore in the mall, so we did. While in the book store I was encouraged to see all the new titles and authors available for readers of all ages. I love to read. I was just recently turned onto reading  books on my I pad using the kindle app. I love it! I can download all sorts of books and read them whenever and wherever I want and they do not stack up in the bedroom, living room, den and kitchen!

While in the book store I walked by a section titled self-help and I noticed quite a few books dealing with the title of todays post. I am a guy so I am more skeptical about the power of optimism. I have read the secret and watched the movie.  The book is good and so was the movie. The secret is a book written by Rhonda Byrne. In the book Rhonda purposes that, because of the law of attraction individuals who think positively will attract more positive things. 


The problem with the law of attraction is that this is not a scientific law it is a thought principle.  The thought principle was created or discovered by a 9th grade educated welder born in Scotland,  named Sydney Banks. The three principles of Mr. Banks have been and are still being applied in hospitals and hospital systems, correctional institutions, social services, juvenile justice programming, community housing, drug and alcohol prevention and treatment programs, schools, and multi-national corporations. Despite the lack of empirical evidence this idea of principles forming and shaping man works!

Self-help and the power of positive thinking can be easily dismissed and usually is, but I ask you this. When you are faced with something dark and depressing what would you rather have inside you guiding you a pessimistic person or a optomistic one (of course both would be pragmatic)?

So with that in mind I hope everyone has a wonderful day and if you want to chances are you will.



fire-intro-picBecause of my oldest son Kyle I read all three Hunger Games books. Really good books. I know they were written for young adults and despite the way I feel I am no young adult, I am not old either just an adult. Despite the books not being written for me or my demographic I throughly enjoyed them. The books are a trilogy, The first is The Hunger Games and second Catching Fire and finally there is The Mocking Jay.
The second books title was the one that really resonated with me. Fire is a destructive and life-giving force. It has been used by man since Prometheus left the heavens to give it to us as a means to warm ourselves and destroy deadly bacteria in our foods. Fire is a chemical reaction that while required to live when left un checked can destroy and consume whatever fuel it is consuming. Our lives although they may seem stagnant are in a perpetual state of catching fire.

Life is all about guiding, fueling and sometimes damping that fire. The intricate and beautiful dance in which we do this is called living. At times we can feel that this dance is out of control but it may just be a dip or a spin and with the right attitude and actions. I have a feeling that everything will be fine.