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So May 12 is quickly approaching and with it I will turn another year older. When I was younger and still under the care of my parents I would look forward to my birthday. Each year brought cake, ice cream, presents and a really cool party. Now each year brings few presents (I am super grateful), fewer mentions and if I eat cake it is done with knowing just how long I have to spend on the tread mill or the path to work off the cake. Oh yeah I forgot, (and it is this posts title what is going on here??) I also get to pay the local government a tax to ride my car on the county roads and city streets (despite what  the Flying Lizards sing the best things in life are not free). It’s cool though I understand that we have to pay to enjoy the privilege, I mean those potholes will not fill themself.

I think immediately after leaving home and accepting adult responsibilities, birthdays were not that much fun. However with some experience and adjustments birthdays have become more fun.  I like to sit back and do some reflecting on what happened in the past year and what I would like to see happen in the new year, and the few presents I get because they are few are more special to me.   Maybe my birthdays are becoming more of a celebration of life, maybe my mom and dad were teaching me with each party how important life is or maybe I am just rationalizing and looking at this day through rose-colored glasses so that I will not be so upset when I go down to the local court-house to shell out more money… I choose to believe the first over the latter.




Stacie if you are reading this I am sorry for not calling you on your birthday, I hope it was a good one I love you and Happy late birthday


Oh the age-old debate. Will it ever be put to rest? Which is better Cake or Pie?

I am hard pressed to weigh in on this on. I really am not sure to be, totally honest what the  major differences are between these two delightful bakery products. So to Google I go for an answer. Oh by the way before we head down this road I apologize for such a heavy subject on a Thursday (Fridays eve) but hey I can’t control what I blog about and when I do it.. Wait I can? ehh anyways..

So I am not sure what side of the pond you live on but I found Jamie Olivers Forum to be most useful in defining the difference in these two wonderful inventions.  As well as of course Wikipedia for pie and cake.  Wikipedia knows everything, and I only mention pond because Jamie Oliver is a British chef and it seems that the cake and pie debate although transcending boundaries like oh say an ocean (or pond),  takes on different meanings (culture and nuances and what not).   None the less (I know you hate those words together sorry) but here seems to be the difference for me at least. A pie has a flaky crust and a cake is more spongy.

Both can be sweet or tart. So armed with this distinction I began to wonder to myself silently, so as not to be thought insane, which I enjoy more and I came to this conclusion… I don’t know and it depends on type of cake or pie. So this, like other debates in life will still be up in the air. Much of life is this way though isn’t it? I mean there rally is no black or white we all kind of exist in a gray area don’t we?

I think that one of Hollywood’s elite shaker and movers Riidley Scott said it best when he said — “Life isn’t black and white. It’s a million gray areas, don’t you find?”