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I read an interesting article this morning titled “11 Celebrated Artist Who Didn’t quit Their Day Job”. When you get the chance do yourself a favor and read the article as well (very good piece and short, I like short articles). The article was about some brilliant artists, accomplished artists, published and pretty well known artists who were more than just artists. One of the 11 (no I will not tell), wrote poems, books and had some of his books turned into movies, he also sold cars, for Saab. Another poet worked full time as a publisher list goes on (well for like, 9 more people).  The article got me to thinking about the duality of man and woman. How we can be so much more than our jobs.

It can be easy to pigeon hole someone or yourself. “Hello Jim. What do you do for a living?” When I was younger those words, that phrase, they bugged me. I would make stuff up at the family reunions. “Oh Hi Jim. I sell drugs for a living.” Most of the family members did not appreciate the joke and my mother killed the jokes life by threatening to kill me, but I could feel myself being pigeonholed. Measured and boxed up and I didn’t like it. I suppose a more proper response could have been avoiding the question. “Why hello uncle Jim, so nice to meet you. I am son to Tammy and John. I heard an interesting story about you and cousin Bob involving a bb gun. I had a similar thing happen to me once.” Or I could have attacked it head on “Hello uncle Jim. I am so much more than my profession let me tell you about myself….” I didn’t do that I handled it with my weapon of choice.. humor (albeit bad tasting humor. selling drugs is nothing to joke around about). When I think about the duality of man and women and the multiple talents they employ on a daily basis, two things come to mind.  First it is foolish to define someone by their current career choices and second I can come up with multiple instances beside these 11 were men and women have many talents and use them concurrently.


I began to run through my mental Rolodex to find examples of men and women doing multiple jobs and all I could come up with were individuals I personally knew.  I considered enthralling my one reader  (hello dad) with a personal anecdote, but I had already gave him the one about the family reunion. So, Google search to the rescue! I Googled it and found a gem of a story about 8 celebrities with multiple talents (do yourself another favor and read that story as well (ohh look at that that story is like this one, a wordpress blog, man wordpress is awesome!)).

So many people you know, and many people I know have multiple talents and do many things. We should make an effort to never sell ourselves short. You are more than your day job and I am inclined to believe you can truly do anything

“If you can imagine it, you can create it. If you can dream it, you can become it.”

― William Arthur Ward

Second, so can I. So next time you see me ask me something about me and not my career.