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What’s this?

Posted: September 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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My nephew held out the VHS tape as he asked his dad the question. “Dad what is this.” He smiled and answered the question while he felt nostalgic and obsolete all at once.

Things change, quickly and it can become easy to get caught up in the details of something.  Are there still VCR and VHS tapes out there? Yes, but now the delivery method for high and low quality film production is more Blu-ray and digital. Perhaps blu-ray. The delivery method has changed but the need for good content has not. People want to be entertained, educated and inspired, that is what good stories and storytellers do. No matter what the media is, if you lack a good story you will lack an audience and you and your ideas will not be remembered .  I am not big on legacy or trying to be remembered (I probably should be more concerned with that) I  like to think I am more of a “right now, in the moment guy”.  Excuse the digression, whether you are in the moment or a legacy guy the fact remains, they was we receive information changes.


The  idea that changing mediums change the message, is of course wrong and  makes me  think about  “nihil novi sub sole”, the Latin phrase for “nothing new under the sun”. That phrase is a strange and powerful one. When studying history we  may quickly ascertain that the  think that it is incorrect, we see all kinds of change and new things throughout time. There was the horse, the car, the airplane, the space ship. Many changes but still it is all travel right? The mode of travel has changed.   We still have the option to travel by all those means to today.  So what really matters, what really counts is not the way you or I travel it is traveling and you and I. man will always travel, man (and by man I mean mankind so man and woman) will always love and learn and be surprised. Man will always push the limits discover new ways of doing this traveling, loving, learning exploring until he or she doesn’t then there will be change then there will be nothing new, but this has not happened ever since life was introduced on this planet, it has always been learning, exploring traveling, loving.  Ever since the sun shined down on 3.6 billion years ago on the first prokaryotes life has been going on.

Sometimes when we feel our selves getting caught up in all the changes and becoming obsolete it helps to remember that we harbor life. We are living and life will never change. If you do your best to Learn, Love, explore, discover and travel you will truly enjoy living and through living you will realize, that you are not obsolete. Life is never obsolete. Life is an amazing ride and should be enjoyed!

Have a great weekend everyone!




John Goddard passed away, he was 88 years old and known as the real life Indiana Jones.

John served in WWII, went on expeditions all over the globe broke both the speed and altitude records. He has sailed down the Nile river and was the first man to sail the length of the Congo river.

John loved people and was always interested in their culture and lands. When he was 15 years old he made a list of 127 things he wanted to do and John did most of them.

John said that “writing down a goal was important. Most people say something and that doesn’;t mean anything.”

You may or may not be 15 today but that doesn’t mean you can’t sit down and write out a list. I know I am!

Make the goals things you always wanted to do no matter how crazy. Do not sell yourself short (man has walked on the moon) then (and this is the important part) start checking things off the list. Enlist the help of friends and families, your inclusion of them, may help them check off their lists.

RIP John G and thanks for this great advice.



This morning while getting ready for work I look down at my bare wrist and pull over the black watch with the leather band. While participating in this rote morning ritual I recall a message sent to me earlier in the week from my girl friend. The message had an excerpt from the Mitch Alboms “The Time Keeper”

“Try to imagine a life without timekeeping. You probably can’t. You know the month, the year, the day of the week. There is a clock on your wall or the dashboard of your car. You have a schedule, a calendar, a time for dinner or a movie. Yet all around you, timekeeping is ignored. Birds are not late. A dog does not check its watch. Deer do not fret over passing birthdays. an alone measures time. Man alone chimes the hour. And, because of this, man alone suffers a paralyzing fear that no other creature endures. A fear of time running out.”

I love this message. I think she sent it to me because I have always found the concept of time  fascinating.

There is really nothing tangible about time. It is impossible to measure and yet it is so important.


Time does not exist but clocks and watches do and we live in a world that requires we adhere to schedules set by others. I think instead of fighting against time we should do our best with our “time” here on earth.

Despite time being non existent there is an end to this life as we know it. All we can really do is, treat everyone the best we can and then maybe we will find a way to be timeless



The title for the post is a bold statement! I was traveling down the highway yesterday on my way back home after a long weekend and read that quote on the back of an Old Dominion tractor-trailer. Old Dominion is a freight business and their trucks and trailers have these words stamped on them. To learn more about the company see their website. I have not had much experience with he company. Some but not enough to judge them. I do however love what they have written on their vehicles.


The idea of helping the world is kind of noble and altruistic. The idea of helping to keep a promise involves duty and honor. So one statement on the back of a truck on the highway made me feel noble, altruistic and full of honor. I know talk about a great ad campaign!

We all have made promises before and sometimes we need a little help fulfilling our promises. I know I have said it before but I am going to say it again just in a different way. The universe is weird and amazing and works in such a way that when we help others fulfill their promises we will be helped in fulfilling our own promises.



My grand father would come home from work, change out of his uniform, do whatever chores he had watch some tv, help out my dad, uncle and aunt with their homework, get washed up for dinner. His home and work life had no business mingling together. My grandmother, dad, uncle and aunt had a glimpse of grandpa’s work life on bring the family to work day but other than that there was a hard boundary and distinct difference you had home and work. My dad works still in the repair business. My dad would come home from work change out of his uniform help me and my sisters with homework, do some chores wash up for dinner and sometimes there would be a call on his cellphone. Dad would leave dinner change back into work clothes and go fix the broken devices. Dad wasn’t always on call the company would rotate the on call shift, but the boundary was a little blurred dad drove home a van with his tools in it and the company he worked for name plastered all over the side of it. When I first started working for the company I am currently working for they gave me a company cell phone and lap top. I can read and send e-mails from my work cell phone and I can log into the company’s network from any internet connections using the work lap top. For me as with many modern-day employees there is almost no boundary at all between work and home life.


I am not sure if there was a moment when the culture shifted or if it was a good or bad thing but I am sure it has shifted. Since this shift has taken place I have an important piece of advice for anyone entering the work place. Learn to do something you love. It is a lot easier to work at home during your leisure time when you love to do something.

I was 21 years old, I spent my nights at the local factory as a machine operator and my days at the local college as a student. I was working towards my degree. The degree would get me out of the factory worker clock punching crowd and into the briefcase and notebook club carrying club. I had dreams of higher pay better hours and I am ashamed to say it but maybe a different group of people. I quickly realized though that no matter what crowd you are in people are basically the same, also that a company will not pay you better simply because you have a degree carry a briefcase and notebook. To get better pay you have to make a company more money and to be in a crowd or group of better people well that is impossible because on one is really better than anyone else are they?




john 3c


I was speaking with a friend about good days bad days and perfect days and I let her know that, you can only get two good days in a row. I should have said you can only get two perfect days in a row. The problem with perfection is that, first of all perfection is a very subjective term. Your idea of a perfect day will probably not match my idea and it shouldn’t. To each his or her own I say. The second problem with perfection is, people are no were near perfection and never will be. The fact that we cannot define the perfect day properly should point out to us that we are foolish to assume that we will ever obtain it.  I know it is Wednesday, hump day and my words are not making the middle of the work week look any better, I apologize for that too.

We will never be perfect, but we can be happy! Yes that is right despite your and my imperfections and really all around crappy days we can still be happy. How you may ask can I be happy in spite of this mountain of a mess that is my life? That is the crux of it isn’t it? I don’t know how, no one knows how except you.


Yeah the secret is somewhere in there. You have the key to your happiness. Some find this in religion others their professions, some family and most it is a hybrid answer involving all three of these facets of life. Life is the common factor life should make you happy and if we are not happy perhaps we are not doing it right? I am not trying to get judgemental (I used the word we). But maybe if we can learn to acknowledge facets that make us both un happy and happy we can accentuate the parts that make us happy. Like the late great and immortal words of Johnny Mercer say:

“Gather ’round me, everybody
Gather ’round me while I’m preachin’
Feel a sermon comin’ on me
The topic will be sin and that’s what I’m ag’in’
If you wanna hear my story
The settle back and just sit tight
While I start reviewin’
The attitude of doin’ right

You’ve got to accentuate the positive
Eliminate the negative
And latch on to the affirmative
Don’t mess with Mister In-Between

You’ve got to spread joy up to the maximum
Bring gloom down to the minimum
Have faith or pandemonium’s
Liable to walk upon the scene

To illustrate my last remark
Jonah in the whale, Noah in the ark
What did they do just when everything looked so dark?

(Man, they said “We’d better accentuate the positive”)
(“Eliminate the negative”)
(“And latch on to the affirmative”)
Don’t mess with Mister In-Between (No!)
Don’t mess with Mister In-Between

(Ya got to spread joy up to the maximum)
(Bring gloom down to the minimum)
(Have faith or pandemonium’s)
(Liable to walk upon the scene)

You got to ac (yes, yes) -cent-tchu-ate the positive
Eliminate (yes, yes) the negative
And latch (yes, yes) on to the affirmative
Don’t mess with Mister In-Between
No, don’t mess with Mister In-Between”