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The art og getting out-of-the-way. This is a tough one. It seems that most people want to help. We see this by the full food banks and out pouring of support for the hurricane Sandy victims. When we help solve problems we feel better about ourselves and we get a sense of accomplishments, however in some situations there comes a time when our help may be wanted but not needed and sometimes there comes a time when our help is more of a hurt.

Because helping people is so important even though help is not needed it is important to be ready to give it, but don’t until it is needed. Sometimes getting out-of-the-way and being available for when help is needed is the hardest and yet most helpful posture to take. Raising kids is often this way. I heard one wise older gentleman describe a mothers duty for her children as this.. “The mothers job is to slowly gently make herself unneeded in her child’s life.” That sounds harsh but does it sound worse than “You have to cut the apron strings at some time” ?


peace (and happy firday!)