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It’s here or Santa came

Posted: January 6, 2017 in Uncategorized
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Growing up in the United States I was taught the lore of Santa Claus. Santa, (in case you have not been raised in the United States or have been living under a rock) is a legend. He is, a mythical being who, rides across the globe on a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer, delivering presents to good boys and girls on Christmas eve. Christmas is the celebration on the 25th of December. Christmas is the annual festival that for the religious, celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the non religious celebrate joy of the winter solstice.

When I would wake up on Christmas morning I would rush down stairs to the tree (the tree is another post altogether) and look to see what presents came from Santa. My sisters would shoot “Samta came” and we would open our gifts. Excited about the joy that the gifts would bring us.

Friday is named after Frigga the wife of Oden, the last day of the work week and it is finally here. I feel like the child on Christmas morning hearing my sisters shout again. I cannot wait to finish my Friday work and experience the joy that my weekend brings.

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I hope your weekend brings you joy as well and I know that it can if you put your mind to it. Do something you love this weekend with people you love. That is a formula that, will result in some joy.





Earlier this morning I was listening to an interview with a United States Congress man. He was answering questions about immigration in the United States of America and ways to address all the men and women living and working in the United States that are not citizens and therefore breaking the law. In an attempt at political hyperbole that made me kind of chuckle the man said “I do not think we should award law breakers with the greatest gift we can offer which is United States citizenship.”  I laughed not because being a citizen isn’t a great gift, or because being an illegal immigrant is funny but because to hear him speak you would think the illegal immigrant was a heinous criminal.

However the statement the greatest gift got me to thinking about of course the holiday season. There is in the United States at least a lot of pressure to get all our family members the perfect Christmas gift. Kids pack the mall and sit on Santa’s lap, they let him know they have been good all year and as their reward they want their lists fulfilled. Parents put away and save all year to help Santa out. We dust off the charge cards and hit the stores, this year thanksgiving day even! But I ask you what would be the greatest gift of all for our family and friends and I am pretty sure it is not something you will find in the store.

So what then should we quit buying gifts for family and friends? No gift giving is  a great tradition. Everyone loves getting a gift, just do yourself a favor this holiday season and take it easy. If you don’t get everything on the list it will be fine. The greatest gift you can give someone is your time.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful stress free holiday






In case you haven’t noticed the Christmas season is upon us. The stores are full of all the seasons wares and the shoppers are full of the seasons woes. They say that the holiday season can be one of the most stressful times of the year for many people. A google search for holiday stress gives three and a half pages of results for beating holiday stress. Along with the store decor and product changes as well as stress there are also the programming changes at the television networks. The big networks Fox, CBSABC and NBC, are all airing the holiday specials that I grew up on as a kid as well as some new stories that my children will wax nostalgic for when they are thirty something years old.  The one movie and book that I truly feel will always have a place in my heart is “How the Grinch Stole Christmas“. The animated classic came out in 1966 (you can do the math a thirty something adult was not really around then to enjoy the “newness” of the animated classic) and although I didn’t see it as a new production or first release I enjoyed and still today enjoy the movie. The movie was re done as a full length feature film starring Jim Carey in  2000. The animated classic, the 2000 Jim Carey full length ant the book, all tell the story of the spirit of Christmas giving and not receiving. The Grinch was the most favorite character of his father the amazing Dr. Seuss and I am sure that the Grinch will live on for generations to come. An interesting side note about the animated film was the fact that the song in the movie, titled “You’re a mean one Mr. Grinch” was sang by Thurl Ravenscroft. Despite performing the song, might I add most excellently,  Mr. Ravencroft was left out of the credits at the end of the production. To rectify the situation Dr. Seuss the creator of the book and movie did what he did best. Dr. Seuss wrote, he wrote letters to columnists nationwide and apologized to Mr. Ravencroft for the huge oversight.

Because we are all human mistakes will be made especially involving big productions like say an animated classic. All we can do after making a mistake is learn from it, or is that all. There is much to be said for making amends for our mistakes. Dr. Seuss used his talent to make amends to Ravencroft. Maybe we can learn again from the good dr.