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Ok take a deep breath, it’s Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday and the beginning of the weekend the end of the week and the end of the epa national drinking water week.  So how much water did you drink this week? It’s cool you still have time the work week ends on Friday but drinking water week doesn’t end until Saturday so bottoms up my friend. On a more serious note though hydration is very important and often times over looked. I am very grateful to live in a country where we have an abundant supply of clean drinking water. I have done a lot of reading and of course not as much donating as I should to a wonderful charity called charity water.  If you are looking for a worthy cause and marvelous vehicle to affect positive change check these guys out. Anyway, in the reading I realized just how serious dirty drinking water and no access to drinking water can be. It seems a water supply can help or hurt a communities health as well as its economic status.

So as I type and tip back some tap water I poured into my sports bottle I remind myself just how lucky I am and how important it is for me to do my best to not pollute, not buy bottled water, do some more giving and stay hydrated.