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The fact is that we will die. One day we will all pass away. We will no longer be here on planet earth and what will remain of us? What is our legacy? What will we leave behind well there are moral codes and philosophies that we will have left for our children and even more tangible something physical that we will leave for our children is of course the earth itself. Think about it.

It is a bit grandiose I know but it is a fact right? I mean we as a species effect our habitat more than any other species I can think of. Plant or animal, now you may be thinking about bacteria. Bacteria is tough and spreads rapidly right? It does it came seem like an organism which devours and destroys everything but it is not it finds balance and it thrives and survives.  Mankind has learned much more about bacteria and (when you are not eating) you should take some time and read about probiotics. It is a very interesting article about bacteria and about how bacteria lives an thrives and balances itself out within it’s host or environment.  So bacteria also dies and what it leaves is its’  environment and if it leaves an environment that is destroyed and ravaged it has been a bad steward and all the philosophy and morals will be of no use to teh second generation.

I am not sure if you know it or not, but the world is changing and we are changing it. The climate change we are experiencing is changing the world we live in. Our children  and our grandchildren will not live in a world that we have lived in and thrived in because of our actions and inaction’s.

I guess the question is not will our children live in a different world as much as it is how much different will the world be for them.


How can I help? That is the big question now. What can one person do to save the world?  I wondered this myself and of course I went to google. Google knows everything right?

Guess what I found. I found a website from the epa with small things we can do to help.  Guess what else I found. As you start doing small things others do some of the same small things and as with any movement small things effect large changes and while we may not leave the children with the best world we may leave them with one that is habitable and relatively safe.

Isn’t that important?

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Let me be clear, I am in no way an activist but well I can’t help but think about two really awesome people.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” 
― Dr. SeussThe Lorax

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” 
― Anne Frank





When will earth reach her carrying point for humans? So the debate goes on in the scientific community. On one side of debate we have the idealist scientist who fell earth can never have too many humans. The gloom and doom philosopher will point out that we are already at earths carrying capacity.  Are you confused yet.

Let me try to clear up Monday’s muddy waters. Thomas Malthus was an 18th century philosopher, who wrote that the earth would reach a carrying capacity. The amount of people the earth can sustain has been argued, and I think will continue to be argued over for a very long time, by scientists from all areas.


You see most recently Eward O. Wilson wrote in his book, “The Future of Life”, that the Earth’s maximum capacity is 10 billion people. Wilson bases this calculation off of a limited resource model. However, remember the idealist scientist from the opening paragraph of the post?  The idealist will point out that sustainability can be reached and maintained despite growing populations. The maintenance of earths sustainability despite growing populations hinges on humans consuming resources smartly.  I know today is muddy waters Monday, muddy Monday and I apologize for the confusion, but allow me to explain.

Resources are limited, this is both true and false. In science there is a rule called the “conservation of mass” this rule states simply that no matter is created or destroyed it merely changes state. So a better way to state the whole “limited resources statement” would be “our optimal state of resources has a shelf life”.

More of an explanation can be seen in the timber industry. Paper and wood products are all around you an the industry has really begun to embrace a sustainability model that is admirable. Acres of trees are planted, cultivated destroyed and then replanted. This model is a prime example of resources changing shape and an understanding of conservation and sustainability.

Many energy companies are beginning to look into some  sustainable models for generating clean energy. There is much research to be done. The world still lacks the understanding of how crude oil is formed? But learning is taking place at a record breaking rate. So with the knowledge being gleaned from research into the earth and her many mysteries as well as responsible corporations, I way the future looks bright.

Now being a caring citizens of earth that we are, of course we look for ways to help out. What can I do?  According to a recent CBS news story, humans consumption of earth’s resources is currently unsustainable.  {I know gloom and doom right?) Hope is not lost though, as stated before many industries are working on research, building and implementation of sustainability models and at home we can take a page from our grandmothers advice and “just take what we need”.  Thee is an interesting website, that has a fun quiz you can take. The quiz will give you your “global footprint” and the website will give you tips for reducing this (if you need to). The tips are common sense things and most center on wasting nothing and not taking more than we need.

This idea of waste not want not is not new. It is tried and true, and, can make a huge impact on a personal level. When used, one will find that he or she basically has everything they need to live and enjoy a full life, without taking part in what seems to be an insatiable consumer desire. “Waste not, want not.” — Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin one of the founding fathers of the United States of America,  was a leading author, printer, political theoristpoliticianpostmaster, scientist, musician, inventor, satirist, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat. It would be a hard sell to convince someone that Benjamin Franklin lead an unfufilled life, and yet he made famous the quote “waste not want not”

We would be smart to let the scientific community continue to debate the carrying capacity. While they debate we can do our part by not being wasteful and live a more full and rich life.



I am not sure where you fall in philosophy or theology but I ask this. Can you argue that everyone and everything is not in some way connected? Everything we understand the world we live in it is all connected. The one consciousness idea or theory goes a step forward in stating that we are all one and through love we can tap into this one consciousness. I know you may be upset with the way I have trivialized the one consciousness and I apologize I mean no disrespect to this ideology. The truth is I don’t completely understand the one consciousness, but I do know that everything we do has implications.

Every action is connected and causes other actions to start, stop or change directions (Newtons law of motion). I am still unsure how you feel about the one consciousness idea but I know the science behind everything being connected is sound. The name for it is The Zero Point Field. Even the great Nikola Tesla mentions how everything and everyone is connected….

“If you wish to understand the secrets of the Universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration. ”

Now science and philosophy aside, here in reality today we can see through smog and pollution that our actions are connected and affect ourselves and others. To apply the idea of one consciousness immediately we can do as the kids are told on numerous occasions “be nice to each other and help each other out”

3D illustration - wireless signal transmission



Good morning, afternoon or evening ( I have no idea when you are reading this blog). I am posting the blog on Wednesday August 7 2013. The story I am referencing in this post is already “old news”. It seems  scientist have created and grew meat not livestock in a lab. No exclamation point after that statement, there will be one after the next. The test tube meat was put into a burger and two people ate it!

Sounds insane right? I know as I read the stories, I was in disbelief but then I thought about it. The world is becoming more crowded, thanks to modern medicine we have seen the human population swell and because of poor farming practices coupled with bad weather we have seen a livestock shortage. There is also all the abuse we have seen by some slaughter houses and meat processing plants. The debate as to whether or not live stock are sentient beings and the morality behind killing one may become mute. So the benefits to lab meat are plentiful and the two who tasted it said that it was “close to meat

Then I began to wonder to myself… Who were the first homo sapiens to drink cows milk?  It seems that it was 7, 500  years ago when man first drank cows milk and according to this science daily release it was someone in central Europe who drank it.

I wonder what happened? Obviously they survived, maybe they enjoyed the taste, maybe not. Maybe others looked at them sideways and blogged about it. I am not sure what immediately happened but I know this morning it was poured over cereal, and had cookies dunked into it all over the world. So in a few thousand years will man be eating test tube lab grown meat. I have to see yes no doubt and here is the coolest part. Me and you were alive when the first one was made and ate!

You are a part of history. A witness to what intellectuals could possibly call an human evolutionary step. Isn’t that cool?

Now would you eat the burger?  I might





some more links about the test tube meat are at the bottom of the post. I apologize for the geekiness of this article. I am actually working on creating a tech blog, as soon as it is finished I will have a place to put all my tech geek rants and spare everyone from me geeking out. I know the name on the tech blog needs work. If you have an idea fell free to comment on this post

So there was some news the other day about the environment. The world now has more carbon than in the air than it has in 3 million years and air pollution kills more people now than high cholesterol.   Whatever you feel about climate change, or global warming the argument that air pollution is a problem should not be an argument at all. Pollution is a serious global problem.

When I was a kid my mom took us trick or treating and our dad was working the night shift. Without someone to stay at the house and hand out candy to neighbourhood ghosts and goblins mom was worried but as moms always do she came up with a plan. Mom found a huge white plastic bowl filled it with candy and put a sign on it. The sign read happy Halloween, please take only one.

The world is growing and man is consuming more each year. is an interesting website which has numbers on the worlds consumption. It is interesting to watch the numbers rise on the site. You can see the world’s population numbers, the consumption of everything and then if you scroll down the page you will see numbers on obesity. After reading the obesity numbers you can then read the numbers about the starving, impoverished and the deforested numbers.

It seems not everyone has taken only one from the candy jar. With pollution problems. Resource management will become and should be a priority for everyone. When we over eat we suffer in form of obesity and when we participate in a decadent lifestyle we pay for it with air pollution.

I guess the lesson from air pollution is take only what you need and if you want more than your needs change your wants. Until we reign in consumption we will see our planet destroyed and we will choke ourselves in our greed and over consumption.





I throw an aluminum can into a trash bin and I respond to my co workers reprimand about recycling with the quip “everything is recycled eventually.”  I usually try to find the recycling bin at the office and place refuse which belongs there in it but on the current day the bin was missing and I couldn’t find it. However when you think about it recycling does take place eventually.


I guess the question is when would you like this item to be reused or recycled. A lot of things happen with or without or actions. I am not sure about you but I like to believe we are to certain degree “masters of our fate” I am not so sure sometimes though when I see things happen despite precautions I have taken it is almost as though the universe has decided something would happen. So what do I do about things that will happen eventually? Do I fight and flee, embrace and nurture the changes or maybe a little bit of both?

What do you do about things that happen eventually? How much do you fight it? How much do you embrace it? I guess the answer depends on two questions which really shape your entire being. What is happening to you and who are you?



They are good tools. That was what I was told about credit cards. “When used properly a credit card is a very good tool.” I was twenty years old and I thought how could you use a credit car improperly, swipe and repeat did not seem to difficult to me. Later I got my credit cards bills and things started to become more clear. 

Every human being has a optimism bias.  Scientist who study the human brain know where and how the optimism bias works in the human brain. One scientist has even developed a way, using magnetic fields, to remove the optimism bias.  The removal of the optimism bias makes a human pragmatic and realistic, but shouldn’t we have some optimism? I mean don’t you think hope is the quintessential trait that makes us human? 


I can’t help but compare the optimism bias to credit cards both are really excellent tools. There is nothing wrong with using a credit card to build credit and take care of an unexpected expense. There is however a problem using credit cards to pay for expected bills.  There is nothing wrong with a positive attitude, however there is also nothing wrong with expecting and planning for success but also planning for failure.

I heard a comedian say that everyone needs a plan B. His proof was a question he poised to his audience. “How many of you are doing what you said you would do in grade school?” The comedians joke was funny but he made a good point. Our plans need to have optimism but at the same time we should prepare for setbacks. It is important in life to never give up on your dreams but to also realize that your dreams are going to change. 

I think if we understand life we will understand how to use the tool called the optimism bias. The best quote I ever heard for understanding life and I quoted it before comes from John Lennon

“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.” 

See how great is that quote?