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Saturday night I went to the CMT Summer never ends concert in Savannah GA. The headliner was Jake Owen and the show was incredible. High energy great music, just had a really good time!

While at the concert in line waiting for drinks I began to notice first the theater. I really like this theater in the small town that is just forty minutes away from the small town I live in. There is a mezzanine and a balcony as well as a pit. The lobby is not decadent but not austere it is a great combination and the theater is used to host all kinds of events. I have been to dramatic and comedic plays in this theater, there has been the country music concert (like tonight) there has also been rock, rap, jazz and blues. I have with the kids seen the circus in the theater as well. The second thing I notice after taking note of the theater is the people at the concert are all dressed the same, and yes I include myself in that. Plaid is the order of the day and I wonder if the same people went to the other events like me and dressed differently like I did.

I am always amazed at how multi faceted people are. The world is a unique place and is full of many unique well-rounded individuals.

Oh yeah this guy Jake Owen and this concert is really good if it comes to your town or a town outside of your town you should definitely check it out worth the time and money