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Saturday night I went to the CMT Summer never ends concert in Savannah GA. The headliner was Jake Owen and the show was incredible. High energy great music, just had a really good time!

While at the concert in line waiting for drinks I began to notice first the theater. I really like this theater in the small town that is just forty minutes away from the small town I live in. There is a mezzanine and a balcony as well as a pit. The lobby is not decadent but not austere it is a great combination and the theater is used to host all kinds of events. I have been to dramatic and comedic plays in this theater, there has been the country music concert (like tonight) there has also been rock, rap, jazz and blues. I have with the kids seen the circus in the theater as well. The second thing I notice after taking note of the theater is the people at the concert are all dressed the same, and yes I include myself in that. Plaid is the order of the day and I wonder if the same people went to the other events like me and dressed differently like I did.

I am always amazed at how multi faceted people are. The world is a unique place and is full of many unique well-rounded individuals.

Oh yeah this guy Jake Owen and this concert is really good if it comes to your town or a town outside of your town you should definitely check it out worth the time and money






If you have a minute later in the day or even now check out this blog and this one too.  In case you haven’t read it allow me to recap.. Taylor Swift wrote a song, I know no big news there right well she wrote the song for a little boy who died of cancer. If that wasn’t enough to get the tears flowing, she wrote the song after reading the mothers blog. The blog is a daily post written to Ronan from the mother.  I can see how this blog could inspire a great song writer  like Taylor   to pen a song about it.

The blog is heart wrenching yet inspirational.  Speaking to a deceased loved one is not uncommon and it, provides inner peace, confidence, ritual, comfort and motivation as well as many other beneficial things.

No one has the answer in dealing with loss. We all deal with loss in our own ways. This mothers way is amazing and her blog has 5,705,786 hits on it right now! That is quite a number. I am not sure how many people will be inspired by reading this blog or hearing Taylors song but through reading the blog I can help but think that through the mom writing in the blog and her families support as well as this song she is healing and that is very important.

Cancer kills more kids under 20 each year than asthma, Each year about 2, 300 children die of cancer,  and fighting cancer is expensive!  All proceeds from this song go towards cancer related charities, and it’s a beautifully written and performed song so download it.

There is a strong possibility that someone reading this has a friend or family member that has either lost a child or their child is suffering from cancer. How is the best way to help? This is a great site with some wonderful suggestions.  It seems the best thing to do more often than not is to just be there for that person. It also seems that the best thing is also the hardest. 

Life’s not about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain ”   Maya Thompson



Coming September 28th at 9 o’clock est.  the Fox network will air the season premiere for the fifth season of The Fringe. The show is a wildly popular sci-fi show where a fringe team works feverishly solving cases the happen on the fringe of reason and reality, there is also the element of another universe. See The Fringe show adheres to the multiverse theory, the theory (very high level) points to the concept of many realities existing at the same time. In one reality I may work as a doctor or a lawyer or a bum(do bums work? They may be some of the hardest workers out there?). So this Friday watch The Fringe.

Peeling the Onion” is a book written by Wendy Orr, the book follows a teenagers journey to self discovery. There is one twist to the protagonists journey in the book “Peeling the Onion”. The protagonist is paralyzed in a terrible car accident. The young girl is forced to figure out what makes her who she is all over again. When you get the chance read this book.

The television show and this book got me to thinking of my favorite subject ever me… Well not my favorite but I do like me. I also often wonder who I am. No I am not going through puberty, or a mid life crisis I am just maybe taking this moment to look inward. I can see right away who I am how I feel, act and react, that was the easy part. Now comes the hard part do I like what I see?

Sometimes yes sometimes no.  Am I willing to change? I don’t know. Will I change? Time will tell. Do I have it in me to change? Yes!! and so do you!

The world we live in is ours. What we do, and don’t do make us who we are. If you are willing than you can.  if you. You will see the benefits.



“This meeting is scheduled till 12 but, Don’t worry I will be out way before then. Maybe 11:30 or even like 15 after.” I could hear the fret in her voice as she responded with the warning. “You know it’s going to run over now, right?” I answered back with as much self sureness as I could without becoming a jerk. “I don’t believe in all that mumbo jumbo.”



Well the meeting ended well after 12. John 0 universe 1. “I will do this a different way, we can skip the testing step and save time.” I was sure this would bring the project I was working on to closure and nothing bad would happen as I spoke I did not even consider what my assumptions earlier in the same work day did to me. “Well if you are sure go ahead and do it and let me know the results.” Well long story short (I know I know too late) the results were not a project closing and a shorter time line but a still open project with at least an extra day of work.



Sitting on the couch last night after work was over and I had eaten what was quite possibly one of the best steaks ever! I found my self watching with my girlfriend the second episode of a great, now cancelled, (you can watch the whole thing on Hulu +) tv show called “Life”. The show is centered around a police officer,Charlie Crews  and his partner Dani Resse, Charlie was set up and convicted for a crime he didn’t do (yeah I know captain redundancy here set up would indicate that he didn’t do it). DNA evidence exonerated the detective and got him his job back. While in prison the police officer discoveries the Zen philosophy. The zen philosophy makes for some interesting dialogue throughout the series like this gem from the second show in the series last night:




  Correctional officer #2: Are you making fun of us?Charlie Crews: It is the universe that makes fun of us all.[turns and faces other guard, walks away. Reese gives them both a look]

[as they walk outside the prison]
Dani Reese: Why would the universe make fun of us all?
Charlie Crews: Maybe it’s insecure.




So do I believe in the universe? Of course I do, I mean it’s out there. I can’t think of anyone who has not looked up at the stars in amazement and awe. Do I believe the universe makes fun of us all and that through assumptions we play into this comedy and it’s assumed insecurity? Well after yesterday I wonder.


What do you think?