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This morning I was nursing a headache caused from a bad reaction to some of the allergens in the area I live in. I was just starting to feel the headache pain ebb a little when I pushed down to hard on a stuck plunger and sprayed a copious amount of cologne on my neck. The cologne caused the headache pain to flow and brought with it a flood of memories.

There was an interesting article pointing out how, for most people smell is a very strong trigger of memories. I think from this mornings ordeal I am inclined to accept this article as a truth. I could remember exactly where and when I was when I bought this cologne. Not only could I remember where and when I was when I bought the cologne but how I felt when I did. This memory was a good one because I bought the cologne while at the airport on my way home and (confession time I am a bad shopper) I was on the cell phone with my girlfriend who was going to be seeing me at the airport when I got home.


I felt the anticipation of meeting her and then the excitement. So even though the stuck plunger and my accidental over cologning brought a headache it made me smile.

Enjoy your loved ones everyone





Ok confession time I like to once a week buy a lottery ticket, hey it’s only a dollar and it is fun if only for a split second to imagine winning the jackpot. I like to visualize a “life of riley” spending the winnings as a globe trotting fun loving guy. So far I have yet to win the lottery and haven’t begun my globe trotting, jet setting life style.


I think the lottery is good fun and just recently I have become maybe ohh let’s say obsessed with the idea of permutations of numbers. The mega millions  lottery for the state of GA works this way; their are five numbers each number can be a value between 1 – 56 then there is a sixth number this can be a value between  1 and 46 now if your numbers on your ticket match the ones on the drawing you win. The prize get rather large. This weeks prize is valued at 16 million (see life of riley no doubt).

So back  to the mathematical permutations. A combination lock for a high school locker or Tony Hawks BMX bike would be a mathematical permutation. That is the numbers must be in a particular order to satisfy the puzzle. By using a technique called n factor one can determine the number of permutations for a combination like say ohh… the lottery (yeah you knew where I was going). Now we can figure out how many combinations there are using something in math called the factorial function. Please forgive me for being pedantic I am merely explaining my thought process which lead to my conclusion(yes I am wrapping this up soon). So utilizing the factorial function as well as  a combination formula we could produce a list of all permutations and or combinations of the winning lottery numbers. Now keep in mind this list is exponential and it would be fiscally irresponsible to purchase all the tickets it would take to win the lottery.

See that’s what makes the lottery fun and fantasy because we know we could win but really because of the large n factor or combination result our winning has moved not form possible to impossible but practical to impractical and if you win you are really just lucky. That’s why we play so that maybe we can get lucky and we have fun when we get one number or five and well I am assuming you or we will have the most fun when we hit all the numbers. But despite the result what is most important is that it is always fun and when it isn’t well maybe a new weekly routine will develop who knows?




Ok so this is confession time. A few months ago I broke down and bought an I Pad. By the way those things rock! A bunch of apps and music just incredible devices! Well with all the apps and songs and movies I have downloaded I have also downloaded some games. Yes that’s right I actually enjoy playing some of them too. After a long day at work sometimes it is nice to set your brain on idle and just play one or two of these games. That wasn’t the confession bomb. Here is the bomb the game I have been playing for a little over a week now is called “contract killer”. I know insert gasp here. I would never ever kill anyone I wouldn’t I value life far too much, I mean everyones life.  The game has you as the protagonist working as a contract killer. Taking contracts in New York City to kill and capture mafia bosses and drug lords. It is just simple mind numbing fun. One afternoon I was playing this game and commented to my girl friend, who by the way thinks it is hilarious that I enjoy playing this video game, about how each goon or mafia boss you shot has a name on the screen pop up when he is shot. Of course being the sharp-witted gal she is she chimed back and let me know that it should also flash up the guys kids and wife and moms names.We laughed it off. Funny and pretty deadly combo.

This morning I was reading the USA Today paper   and came across a story which mentioned that the killers who shot students on different campuses more recently shared some common traits. One was that they were older students and a psychologist believed being older cultivated this ideal that this time in college was “do or die” time for them. Because of this absolute truth they perceived they may have had a skewed  moral compass and not valued life as much as they should. I got to thinking about the game and my girlfriends comments and how important it is that we never marginalize anyones life. Everyone has a name and a place and we are in no position to place a value or devalue that. So unless we are playing a video game I think it would do us well to appreciate and respect all life. I mean everyone has a name… Right?






Ok confession time. Are you ready? I stole this post’s title. Unfortunately it gets worse… I stole the title from a preacher. O that’s not the least of it. I didn’t even attend the service.

I was given a play-by-play of the service from a matriarch of the church who was no doubt trying to convey the preachers message in an attempt to spare me from eternal damnation, which is definitely a good thing. The message was one dealing with the fragile nature of men and women on the earth and the preacher mentioned to the church mom who was now mentioning to me that out lives are very short. He compared them to the blip on the headstone at most cemeteries throughout the country. We have our name two dates and a blip or line or dash between the dates and the sermon went on to explain how we are reduced to that little blip.

First apologies for being so deep on a Monday morning and second Really?? Is that all we are a little blip on a tombstone. I mean it really doesn’t matter I won’t be here but wow!! I would like to be a star or an asterisk with a mention under the date saying John lived and everyone he meet while alive was better for it because he was awesome.

I can count on my hand the people I know who have passed away (I think that is one of the benefits of youth), and I have been lucky enough to have been better for knowing them.  When I think of death I think of funerals and when I think of funerals I think of Dr. Seuss.

Crazy right? Let me explain,  Theodor Seuss Geisel or Dr. Seuss or perhaps you know him by his less know moniker Theo lesieg, who besides being a fan of pen names and palindromes was an insanely popular children’s author. His books have been and are still read by children all over the world.  So why in the world would I imagine Dr. Seuss when I think of funerals. While the reason is when Dr. Seuss died in 1991 the news showed a parade and celebration of life that his wife put on at his request and I thought “That’s something specail there she most have really dug him.” Now since I started dark I guess I should end dark… sorry in advance for this

but if we where to “check out now” would the parade be for us because we died or because we lived and everyone we meet along the way is better for it?



ps I am going to try not to get so deep anymore this week… I mean my head is all hurting and stuff