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“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”  –Walt Disney

What is up next? After we finish here where are we going? What is phase two? What do you have for next week? These are questions asked by children under 12 and ambitious adults. Sometimes there are clear answers. Up next we will go to lunch, followed by dinner. Phase two is an expansion with our internet marketing. Next week I have three meetings and one deadline.  At other times the answers are not so clear because what happens next often depends on what is happening now.

If we do not understand, respect and appreciate now our vision for later will be very murky. Instead of opening doors we will face locks we don’t have the keys for. We will not be doing new things, but instead repeating history. Our curiosity has to be feed and this can only happen when we understand and learn about right now first and then tomorrow. “Without today there can be no tomorrow”  — John3c

We may not be super excited about what is going on in our lives right now. Things may be tough, God knows they can get that way, and on the flip side things may be wonderful and sublime, but this moment needs to be appreciated and respected and understood by you and me. Tomorrow will come and then it will be today and if we do not learn to appreciate today we will never truly experience or appreciate tomorrow.

The trick to looking forward is to never stop respecting and appreciating this moment right now






Choice, it is important. Choice empowers us and helps give us purpose. Choices define us and separate us from the animals. Instead of acting on pure instinct we can choose. We can decide today what to wear, when to wake up. What and when and where  to eat. We can pick were we live and how we live. Choice is something that we seem to be getting more and more of, everyday. Television viewing demonstrates the growing choices we have. You can pick between satellite, cable, internet and rabbit ears or for the brave all of the above. Food choices are as diverse as the people cooking and serving. It is not uncommon in one mall to see all kinds of food types. With all these choices some of us can get overwhelmed and forget the most important choice of them all. Every moment of everyday we choice to be happy.

Crazy when you think about it right? Some will argue that genes and outside influences make them unhappy and they cannot control these things and to a certain extent they are right, however they are also wrong to a certain extent. Last year in January I wrote about the time before soap was used in hospitals. Before soap a hospital stay was considered a death sentence, now after soap the hospital stay while uncomfortable is far from a death sentence. My reason for the digression and trip down memory lane is this. You can change what seems to be unchangeable, but not until you change your perspective.


We are ultimately the ones who choice our perspectives and happiness is not a place, or a moment it is a state of mind. I know it can seem like hope is gone. But here is another dirty secret. Your personal trainer, religious leader and school teacher will not tell you but the secret is you have to choice to be happy, and you also have to choice to find hope. 


“People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.”
Abraham Lincoln
peace and be happy

I did it!!!

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Last year this time I was lamenting over the need for thirty thousand words. Confused? Let me explain. November is the second to last month of the calendar year, the month in which we celebrate thanksgiving, and National Novel Writing month.  A novel is an average of fifty thousand words in length so the goal for anyone who dares volunteer is to write a novel of at least fifty thousand words in length in the span of one month, that month being November.

Last year I volunteered and failed to accomplish this momentous task. I had the enthusiasm and desire to do the average 1667 words a day for the 31 day month, but that was not enough I fell short. 20,00 words short to be exact. I was a little dejected but I didn’t lose any of my enthusiasm. I continued to write daily in my blog and thought about different book ideas up until this November than when November came around again I hit the word processor like a man obsessed. I was disciplined and stuck to the 1667 word a day minimum some days crushing the minimum but every day making at least that much, and I did it.

I know it seems like a small accomplishment, but what is life if not a bunch of small accomplishments and failures? So am I writing this to brag a little? yes but more than bragging I hope I can be your inspiration, maybe there is something you have yet to do a bucket list item to check off? Trust me if I can hammer out 50000 words in 28 days you can cross that item off your list believe in yourself and never let the failure define you





That is my prediction for this week at work. See despite not working on Monday I feel that the team I work with will have the most productive week ever and I have one reason for believing that this will take place. We did not have a Monday morning meeting. I am not sure if you could tell this far into your reading but, I am not a fan of meetings. I think the brilliant columnist Dave Barry sums it up nicely.“If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be ‘meetings.”

When we leave meetings we never leave with a sense of accomplishment, because, despite having power, words are not actions, and actions make the difference. Today be a man or woman of action. If you can skip the meetings and do as much as you can and make this week your most productive week ever!

 “Action is the foundational key to all success.” — Pablo Picaso




Simple enough question right? I like mottos. I love the joke from “The Rocky  and Bullwinkle Show” when Bullwinkle is asked. “What’s a motto?” He replies “Nothing, what’s a motto with you?” I know corny but I like it.

For our purposes a motto is: the guiding principle, of a person, organization or city.  So my favorite motto  is “Do only good”. Did I steal this motto from Google? Yes and no. Oh the dichotomy!! I liked Googles unofficial motto which is “Do no Evil” but I didn’t think a motto should be a what not to do for a person. For a corporation this is an ingenious idea. Because a corporations first goal is to provide a product and post a profit, so having that as the foundation a motto that states what not to do makes perfect sense and doing no evil is well good (lol).

A person is not a corporation a person is born and lives but lives are lived in so many different ways that I felt a better motto for me would be what to do instead of what not to do. Doing good is well good.

Is it simple? Yes, but most of the best things are simple.

Simplicity in character, in manners, in style; in all things the supreme excellence is simplicity.”

So I am not sure what to think about the “Occupy Wall street” protesters yet are you? I see and hear more about the process to remove them than I do about the purpose of their rallies and protests. As a matter of fact it wasn’t until I did my internet searching yesterday that I noticed the first coherent statement and act from the group (I mean act other than public intoxication, urination and just being plain old dumb). Yesterday on the internet I read a story where in Brooklyn NY pprotestors moved into a foreclosed home began to fix it up and plan on “reclaiming the property for the evicted family. The banner that graced the home was one that read “Foreclose on Banks not People”. I am not really writing to endorse the idea or denounce the notation of allowing people to move back into homes they lost because they have failed to pay a mortgage. I know that on the surface it seems like a foolish idea to give someone a house they can’t afford, but homelessness is horrible and the whole idea of land ownership to me seems really foolish.   

So what is the next step after the group remodel and re vacates the foreclosed property with its previously evicted inhabitants? I am not sure? Where can you go from there? Will the stage sit ins on evictions taking place all over the country? Will they burn mortgage notes and encourage homeowners to not pay their mortgages and keep their homes.   I don’t know? Maybe the protests and actions will turn around the culture in the world when it comes to land ownership and help give voice to the people on the fringe. The most interesting part of this action by the protestors is the in action by the bank which owns the property and the police department, who have one vehicle parked near the home to “keep the peace not interfere.”  I will keep an eye to see where the group goes from here. If this group changes the culture or not one thing is certain their voice is being heard and presence felt and very soon I believe they will need to be addressed by the masses.  I really thought that the whole “movement” would quietly dissipate and go away but now seeing this action I don’t think we have seen the last of them. So can I support them yet? The answer is hmm…. I am not sure yet let me see what else they have to say and I will get back with you on that. What about you?



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