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It was Sunday morning and the word used by the reverend was  covet. The subject in our religious text coveted some treasure and stole the treasure he coveted because of the sin the tribe suffered and then the family and he suffered.

As parents we teach our children to do their best to want better for their own children to strive for the American dream but when is this striving or desire for this American dream more than an innocent ambition? When does wanting better turn to covet. Covet means, wrongful desire, to want and work towards something with no respect for anyone or anything else.

Whenever I think about the word covet I remember a scene from the Indiana Jones and the last Crusade movie.  The movie is great the hero finally finds the challis of Christ. The ground splits open and the challis as well as hero fall into the chasm. The hero holds onto a precipice with one hand  the other hand is touching the coveted challis. His father needs him to give both hands over so he can pull him out of the chasm.

That would be more than ambition for the cup of Christ. If he continues to reach for it and grasp at it he will destroy his own life and break his fathers heart. Sometimes when we chase our dreams we can lose sight of what our dreams we can lose sight of what our dreams should be. When we look  back and gain perspective we can sometimes realize that we could be living our dreams instead of chasing them

just a thought