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“Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goals: my strength lies solely in my tenacity.”
Louis Pasteur

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Louis Pasteur, a French chemist who has probably saved the lives of millions of people through pasteurization,  was not a stranger to adversity. Pasteur was born into a poor family and did not excel at school. Pasteur failed, when trying to get his BSc degree in mathematics.  The failure did not stop Pasteur a year later he graduated with a poor degree in chemistry. After all of this Louis Pasteur went on to become a professor and father of five children. Only two of his five children survived to adulthood. Three died of Typhoid, in spite of this terrible tragedy Louis Pasteur worked harder to find cures for diseases and he was successful. Thanks to his research the medical world gained an understanding for germs and immunizations.   When many other men and women would have quit Louis Pasteur dug in his heels and fought back! Thank god he did too!

In 1992 Walt Disney founded Laugh-O-Gram Studios in Missouri. Laugh-O-Gram A year laughter Walt’s company went Bankrupt.  Walt sold his only possession, a motion picture camera, moved to Hollywood and kept on pursuing his dream.  In 2012 the DIsney company had over 73 billion dollars in assets!  The word Disney is almost worldwide, synonymous with a fun family time. Athletes who reach the pinnacle of their career  and win championships are asked what they are doing now and answer with, “I am going to Disney World.” Disney World is the Disney companies resort theme park. I would say that Walt was and is a winner. “It is good to have a failure while you are young because it teaches you so much.

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For one thing it makes you aware that such a thing can happen to anybody,
And once you’ve lived through the worst,
You’re never quite as vulnerable afterwards.”
-Walt Disney
Both Walt Disney and Louis Pasteur have known failure and success. Many, many more individuals have also known failure and success. The stories are endless but all have one common thread, a tenacious will desire that compels action and kinetic energy from someone.  I am not sure how well you are doing or what you are doing but I am pretty sure you have and will fail, the secret is that if you do not stop, you have not failed. As long as you are leaning forward and learning you are a success.
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We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

Walt Disney



Did you know that yesterday was, in the United States, Constitution day? Yeah me either.  So what did you do yesterday? Me? I went to work, came home at dinner went for a walk watched tv, did a little reading. Nothing spectacular. 227 years ago our founding fathers signed the constitution. Something which was incredible, empowering and I can’t help but think gave me the freedom to do what I did yesterday.

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I am not sure if you have but when you get the chance you should read the United States Constitution.  It is important. The constitution is a living document which empowers the majority with respect to the minority.  Even though it lacks judicial power the preamble to the constitution of the United States is powerful and embodies what I feel is the American spirit.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

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You knew the quote was coming. I contemplated pasting the whole thing to the post but, I thought I could just give you the link.  This preamble outlines why the United States is the way it is. Here we can find some fundamental guiding principles which we would do well to adhere to and live out daily.

A more perfect union. What is life if it is not creating and enjoying relationships with other people?

Justice, if there is no justice lawlessness may become the order of the day. Social entropy could occur and a society without justice will be one were the strong prey on the weak. (social entropy, is that a thing or did I make it up? It is a thing I must have read it somewhere.)

Domestic Tranquility. Those are some eloquent words put together. Would you not say that we all seek domestic tranquility? Shouldn’t our homes and neighborhoods be a place for peace and love? We should come home unwind, relax and   enjoy the peace.

Common Defense. The United States gets, thousands of terrorists threats a day. Many groups of people who are part of organizations which reject personal liberty and freedom find the existence of  a country that embodies these principles a threat. I am not sure what I am more amazed at the job the United States does in dealing with and defending its’ people from these threats or the foresight our founding fathers demonstrated when writing up this amazing powerful document. Way to go everyone!

General Welfare.  “It is said that no one truly knows a nation until one has been inside its jails. A nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but its lowest ones.”
― Nelson Mandela Lately the justice system in the United States has been under fire, yet despite its’ swelling numbers it still seems to be one of the better systems in our world. Their is the appeal process,  the trial by a jury of ones peers and the welfare of prisoners. Along they way there have been some blights on the prison system, but using the constitution organizations like the ACLU have been able to draft and enforce prisoners rights and standards for the treatment of prisoners.

The preamble goes on to put in the clause speech  about securing the liberty and blessing of the utopia which is the United States. As a citizen you have a right handed down from your forefathers to pursue the blessing of Liberty. The citizens of the United States are the forefathers posterity. If you believe as I do a proper education is paramount to secure liberty, therefore I feel that a free and good education beyond high school should be first on the federal and state government to do list. I apologize for getting political but without an education it is evident that a society will fail.

The history of the world is full of societies with lofty visions like the United States which failed due to lack of education.  Until education is reformed I encourage you as an individual to learn as much as you can and as a parent, aunt, uncle or grandparent to teach as much as you can.  The constitution was drafted by individuals working together for a higher purpose, their own and their posteriors pursuit of Liberty.

So what is the best way to celebrate Constitution day? Not sure but for me the best way to celebrate a wonderful freedom is to exercise it by learning, loving, protecting and respecting everyone.

Happy (late) Constitution day



Slavery is a system under which people are treated as property to be bought and sold, and are forced to work.” Wikipedia article on Slavery I read a great book on slavery titled Slavery Today.  The authors of the book had to first establish what a slave is. They aligned with the wikipedia article I quoted in the beginning of this post. In that slavery is treating someone as property by forcing them through harm to do things. I think establishing this base line for slavery was very important for this really good book (when you get the chance you should take a  look at it). Establishing what a slave and what slavery is was important because the term is often used freely. “A slave to the man” ” A slave to love” A slave for God” the quotes could go on and on but a slave is someone who is forced physically to do something.

So with this in mind the book “Slavery Today”, went on to outline the slave situation today. What I found most interesting and disturbing was the amount of slavery today and the low price tag of a slave today. Even within the borders of the United States slavery is alive and well. Of course most countries, to include the United States have outlawed slavery, because it is an abomination, but the practice continues and is growing. The practice of slavery is wrong for many reason, but first and foremost I believe it is wrong because of how it devalues human life.  The devaluation of human life involved in making someone a slave is where this post gets it’s title from. “Slavery makes slaves of us all.” Because the master of the slave has to accept that human life is a commodity to be bought sold and consumed he must accept that his life is a commodity therefore he is a slave just as much as the man or woman he has enslaved.

Now slavery is an extreme situation usually only inflicted by un-feeling sociopaths, but the devaluation of human life happens all to often by otherwise good people. Just the other day (yesterday as a matter of fact) I was speaking with someone at work about the evangelical Christians and the exclusivity of the evangelical christian s take on religion.  I only mentioned it because there was a radio show about a minister who preached the inclusvism doctrine and was excommunicated from his church.  The radio show was This American Life, great show comes on NPR.  I mentioned how first I didn’t think the church still excommunicated people and second that it seemed a little extreme. My colleague went on to tell me it wasn’t extreme and outlined reasons why the excommunication was justified and why Inclusvism was wrong. I mentioned that I wasn’t sure which was right or wrong Pluralism, Inclusivism and Exclusivism. I am by no means a theology expert but I am sure that a souls salvation is a personal thing and should be sorted out between them and god. He did not agree and I don’t know when you take away a souls right to find god in his or her own way I cant help but think you are devaluing this soul.

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Now I now theology was deep and I only went there because I was there yesterday, but there are times everyday when I see someone involved in a desperate situation and I began to judge. I see a homeless man and wonder how he got there. Perhaps this judgement is a form of taking away his value? Should I judge or should I be sympathetic see that mans great value and worth and help? I think definitely the latter should be my course of actions. Our life gets busy with distractions. I can’t help but think, that Aldous Huxley was right when he said that man had an almost infinite appetite for distractions. Despite the distractions we would be best to never sell anyone short. When we do we sell ourselves short. I think the idea of harm done to someone else being harm done to me is almost like a form of reciprocity.  It would be best to keep this in mind every time we interact with others.




So I was 10 maybe twelve not sure but mom really wanted us to watch a movie as a family. The move was “The Ten Commandments“.  The story was about Moses and the Hebrew nations rise from slavery at the hands of the Egyptians. Charlton Heston played an older Moses who was a Hebrew raised as an Egyptian prince. After realizing he was a Hebrew he was able to sympathize with the Hebrew slaves and was then used by the Hebrew God to free the Hebrew people from his brother who was now the Egyptian leader. I remember, seeing chariots, horses the plagues and some crazy cool costumes the women and men wore, but what I remember most about the movie is how long it was and that it felt like every 15 minutes the Egyptian leader  would say “As it is written so shall it be done.” I had no idea what that meant and to be honest it is still kind of confusing.


I like to imagine it means that the leaders word is law. I also like to believe it means that this proclamation will happen. The later of the two ideas I have for the meaning of this part of the movies script speaks much to the resolution and finality of the world we live in.

Things happen everyday. Deep right? It is true work gets done everyday, I mention this to you in hope that you find encouragement. Whatever it is that you are working on and feel stuck will get done, maybe even today. Because, things happen, everyday. I think the decision is not whether or not something will get done it is whether or not you will be the one doing it or more aptly put will you be doing something when it gets done.

How do you do that? Ahh, I am so glad you asked. Simple do something. Crazy right??  Doing something sounds simple but you would be surprised at how many people do nothing and expect to be part of something. For example (and it is a bad example) “I want to win the lottery, but I never buy a ticket.” Another better example would be “I want a better job but never apply for another.” We have our reasons for doing nothing. A lottery ticket seems like a foolish investment, and I kind of like my job. Here’s the deal. Someone will win the lottery and companies are out there hiring people. You just will not be part of that something and it sounds as though you do not wish to be.

The question is which something you want to be part. That is step one (and it is a big one) deciding what you want to be part of. Step two is easy yet necessary, that is do something that makes you part of that. You support some politician (another bad example (I am not a fan of any politician)), stuff some envelopes, organize a local rally. You want a new job, develop a resume, apply call job agencies.

We live in an era where information moves at light speeds and with fast information we have far greater tools to make ourselves part of some of these wonderful things that are happening we just have to do stuff.

(this whole post today reminds me of this hilarious site when you get the chance check out




“Change your stars and live a better life than I have.” The line is from one of my most favorite movies, A Knight’s Tale. The peasant father who sold the star of the movie to a Lord or knight in the United Kingdom told his son to change his stars.

As early as 25,000 years ago men and women have looked up at the vastness of space and the stars for answers to our past and future. Astrology and Palm reading have been used for predicting the future of humans.  In Japan Palm reading is very popular to this day, so popular that plastic surgeons have offered and for a price  will change your life lines on your palm, surgically.

Will this change our destiny? Not sure how much weight you put into palm reading, or palmistry but this as astrology is an old technique used for seeing mans future.

For me the jury is out on palmistry and astrology. Are the coincidences where the process of events matched the prediction of the stars and the lines of palms merely coincidences or is it fate? I am sure though that men and women have a brain and this brain is a powerful organ that basically controls their body. Our brains control, the nervous system, language, abstract thought, emotions. I really think we should tell people we love them with all our brain as opposed to heart because the brain is it.

When I googled brain, I noticed a link that was a question. The link read if our brain controls our body what controls our brain. I thought for a second and choose not to click the link. Then I thought some more and clicked on the link. It seems the brain is controlled by a delicate balance of everything. So I got to thinking if I can influence my brain through looking at my palms and make my life longer. Than maybe changing my palms through plastic surgery works!

I haven’t made an appointment yet to have my palm life lines changed yet, (and I don’t think they are called lifelines, so I apologize to all the palm readers) but I have ended and began habits I feel will help me life a fuller more happy and longer life so how much different am I than the man having the palm surgery?

Can we change our destinies? I say yes. How? Well that is up to you





Morehouse College honored Barack Obama, with an honorary degree and then enjoyed a  speech for the ages. Time magazine did a great article on the speech. The president urged the graduates to not make excuses, not to put profit before happiness and to take care of your family.

This speech has to be one of the best ones ever given by this president and this should be his state of the union speech.  Do yourself a favor and read this speech today. Then re read it and replace all references of race with your nationality.

The world is in the midst of an economic downturn and our countries need us to be the best family men and women we can and to be the best patriots we can. How do we do this well I think The president said it best when he said

“So what I ask of you today is the same thing I ask of every graduating class [citizen] I address: use that power for something larger than yourself.

Live up to President Mays’ challenge. Be “sensitive to the wrongs, the sufferings, and the injustices of society.” And be “willing to accept responsibility for correcting [those] ills.””




I was listening to an interview with Larry King and when asked about his secrets, he said that he has always felt that, “everyone is interesting”.  This feeling can be seen through watching or listening to any of the myriad of interviews Larry King has or is conducting now on Hulu + . Larry is the king of the interview for a reason and I can’t help but think his interest in people has made him the king.

Larry listens and usually doesn’t speak when his guests are speaking. The new host on CNN seems to not do much listening and a lot of talking. While Pierce Morgan speaks the popularity of CNN plummets. If you have read any other posts of mine you may realize I am not a usually a fan of what is popular or the majority but in this case I may have to agree with the majority.  The replacement on CNN has accused guests of being stupid and exploited children of tragedies for ratings. 

Larry said “everyone is interesting” not everyone is stupid. We can often become consumed with the selfish and egotistical mind set, but when we do  we miss out on understanding and hearing other perspectives and ideas. When we speak over and accuse people of being stupid we are not allowing ourselves to enjoy our guests company.

You can argue that causing harm may be enjoyable but I would fire back with this wonderful quote:

The bottom line is that insulting and unhealthy competition should never have a place in a person who wants to positively affect the world, and Larry is right everyone at the very least, is interesting.