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An astrobiologist professor I follow on twitter named David Grinspoon has written a book that, has made it to my must read list. The book is titled  “Earth in Human Hands: The Rise of Terra Sapiens and Hope for Our Planet “.  David Grinspoon has made a living by, studying biology all over space. He can tell you all about the life on Mars and this is very cool to listen to I encourage to search for David Grinspoons work online after reading this post. David has turned his results of studying astrobiology to the earth and the problems Humans are having with the climate change and our affect on the Earths environment.

Davids new book “Earth in Human Hands”, seems like an optimistic and realistic take on what humans have done to make the Earth more hospitable for life and what humans can and will do in the future.

The book says humans next evolutionary step will be one from Homo Sapiens to Terra Sapiens and as Terra sapiens we as a species will realize and treasure how we are connected to the Earth and all the other life forms on it. When I read the reviews on the book and heard David speak about it I immediately knew I had to read this book. I love this concept of embracing the interconnected nature of everything living and cannot help but think of the Native Americans customs and traditions.

I have to agree with David, if we want a better life for our generation and generations to come we must evolve beyond Homo Sapiens and aspire to me Terra Sapiens.





There really is a reason for everything isn’t there. Last week I read an article about a scientist who discovered why the earth has remained habitable as long as it has. Let me explain. Our Solar system has 9 planets of the nine so far it looks like only one makes it possible to support life. There is still discovery happening on the other planets but as of now they seem to be uninhabitable and inhospitable. So the question is what makes the earth stay habitable for as long as it has been.

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The earth is habitable because of the environment but there are gasses at work that destroy the environment and cause hell with the eco system. There has to be some way to make sure the climate stays balanced and working properly.

The article I read speaks to the importance of mountains and their role in protecting the enviroment and eco system. In short, the mountains on earth act as absorbers for some gasses tht work to destroy the enviroment.

See their really is a reason for everything. Aristotle agreed with  and introduced the idea of everything happening for a reason.

‘Thus every action must be due to one or other of seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reasoning, anger, or appetite.’  -Aristotle

I think the most fun and sometimes hardest part of life is figuring out the reasons for… everything.