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imagesToday is Stephen Hawkings 71st birthday. So Happy birthday Stephen and thanks for all the knowledge you have given the world. Through Stephen Hawkings research the universe has become a smaller and more accessible place than ever before. We know things about black holes and energy that have benefitted communications and exploration in outer space as well as here on earth.
As I was reading about Stephen Hawkings birthday this morning my girlfriend was reading and watching videos about sea life and the giant squid discovered off the coast of Japan.
I find it, odd that on the birthday of a man who understood space better than anyone she would be reading about the ocean. President Kennedy made the comparison between space and the ocean in his “Space is the new ocean”and on a clear night when someone sees the endless inky sky littered with what seems to be endless stars the comparison cannot help but be made. When questioned about extraterrestrial life Stephen Hawkings mentions that an encounter with this life on earth may be a hostile one. “We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet” He goes on to point out how man has raided and exploited lands like North America when the Europeans came.
At work about a year ago there was a short water cooler discussion about alien life. One of the discussions members offered that if we wish to see some amazing life forms we need not look to outer space, but simply the ocean. The Ocean is teaming with life it is in the ocean were all life began and it is the ocean that has not received the respect it greatly deserves from mankind. Am I suggesting we stop eating seafood? No not at all. However there should be respect for the life in the ocean when it comes to fishing and pollution. Above all there should be respect for our fellow-man. I am not sure how aliens would treat our species but I hope it would be better than our species has treated other species and our own.