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A few posts back I wrote about the “cake or pie” debate.  After reading the post an associate, man I don’t like the way associate looks when I type it.  I mean… the guy I am referring to is more than an associate.  I speak with him at work, not outside of work though, so is that a friend? Ok.. so let’s call him a work friend.  So my work friend read the post and then made an ironic comment that was also a little bit mean. You want to know it now, right?  Well, I am guessing that you’ve already guessed it.  Did you guess it?

Yeah… he said “thanks for wasting my time”.  Now, I know that seems harsh, but I really think he was trying to be ironic and funny with the comment; as well as a little mean and maybe even a bit of an elitist. The comment, at first, went off my back like the water on a duck, but being the thinker I am… I thought about it.

Now, if you were reading this blog in 2011, you may have read the post I did about time. And if you know me, you know that I do not believe in the existence of time. The fact that time does not exist makes the ironic statement false, however if I were to walk down the path where time exists I would still argue that there can never be time wasted.

The word waste means: to employ uselessly without adequate return. When I think of use and useless, for some reason, I immediately think about the ‘reduce, reuse, and recycle’ movement. The ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ movement has created and instilled a mentality in men, women, and children world-wide which has all but removed the word waste from their vocabulary. We now know that everything we dispose of will, in one way or another, reenter the world we live in. Really when you consider products (or anything) one has to believe that the physics law about matter not being destroyed (you know the one The conservation of mass law) should be applied to the abstract invention called time. You cannot waste time because as the law states (super paraphrased here) “nothing can be created or destroyed, only changed”. 

I apologize for getting so deep on a Wednesday, but just something that was stuck upstairs, and I had to get it out.  I will try to keep it light for Friday eve and Friday. Just know this …….

No such thing as a waste of time…. or with the right attitude and better perspective there can be No such thing as a waste of time.