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So I am in the middle of binge watching the newest reboot of a wonderful science fiction series called “Battlestar Galactica”. The series is about the war between human and robots. The robots however look human and the series gives you point of view from both the humans and the robots. It is a really good show! I am in the beginning of season 3.  It seems that a robot and a human fell in love and had a baby! It is wild.

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I just read an article yesterday.  The article mentioned that Facebook has been full of #icebucketchallenges. #Icebucketchallenge is simple and powerful. The concept is simple you make a donation to ALS challenge your friends to do the same and then dump a bucket of ice water on yourself. Great right! The article also mentioned that Twitter was full of Ferguson MO stories and updates.  Ferguson MO is a small town in MO just outside of St. Louis MO. In Ferguson an unarmed black male was shot and killed by a white police officer. Shortly after protests were held and looting as well as riots ensued.

So I read the article, which was full of analytics figures that supported the claims, then I looked and found that my twitter feed was full of Ferguson stories and Facebook Ice Bucket. Immediately I thought about the way I update twitter and facebook.  I update my Facebook page with my Twitter account. I like this because I like the Twitter format of only 140 characters and I like both of my accounts to match. So when people see either feed from me they see it all. However other groups and users do not do this. That is obvious.  I know it can seem very tempting to keep our lives separated.  We build boxes. We have a work box, a family box, a friends box, a church box, but the older I get, the less I try and define and use these boxes, it is all just life. I really think that the idea that everything is connected has some serious truth to it

“In nature we never see anything isolated, but everything in connection with something else which is before it, beside it, under it and over it.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


“All things are connected like the blood that unites us. We do not weave the web of life, we are merely a strand in it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.” – Chief Seattle – See more at:





Shakers,there are only three of them left but their message is strong and I can’t help but feel it will live on well after these three are gone.

“Good spirits will not live where there is dirt.”

“Do your work as though you had a thousand years to live and as if you were to die tomorrow.”

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“Put your hands to work, and your heart to God.”

These are only a few gems from the Shakers. I am not one of the three Shakers, while I do agree with much of their ideology I am not called by God to be one of the Shakers but I did like them on Facebook. Yeah they have a facebook page really. If you want to like them on Facebook search for Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. There you can find them and read about what they do and how they do it.

Reading their page got me to thinking about my ideology and what it is.  How has my thinking changed and grown?  I will not go into great detail but this audit of myself helped me grow and learn more about me and I hope has made me a better person.

I think it is a great exercise. Stepping back and looking at ourselves and or ideologies.




How do we do it?

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I love the word quantify. When I say it out-loud it makes me smile. Go ahead and try it. I will wait. Did you smile? Funny sounding and looking but what does it mean? That is simple, it means to measure or to express measurement. So how do we do it? How do we measure things? I guess the answer to the question begins with, as all questions do, another question. How do we measure what? Let us say success? How do we measure success? Ah again another question success in what context? A successful life. So now we have the whole question.

How do we take stock of our lives and see if we have been successful or not? Ahh that is a tough one. I guess it comes down to priorities. We may have a clue, to what is important to us. Hows so you ask? Well Facebook has at last count 1.23 billion users on it. Yeah that is a lot.  So what is Facebook all about? Well according to its creator Face book is all about connecting communities together. Ahh that is it isn’t it? Connecting each other together. We make connections everyday, are they good ones. Do your connections benefit you and others?

If you connect and the connection results in something good for you and others then it may be safe to say that you have succeeded.  Now as far as measuring or quantifying. I cannot really answer that to measure something we must establish base lines and I don’t feel comfortable doing that with lives.



The thought of categorizing someone as a looser seems juvenile and wrong as does the thought of categorizing someone as a winner. A winner at life. See taking stock of your life and measuring it or quantifying it robs you of something very special  and that is the chance to embrace and enjoy your life.

Life is a gift

“God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.”

― Voltaire

I think that it was put best by one of the brightest it is up to you to live well. Let’s not measure our lives or others they way we do everything else. It is almost impossible to not do this, when you find yourself beginning to take stock or quantify your life, make a new connection or reach out and strengthen connections you have already made and you will see the need to measure diminish and be replaced by a joy that can only be described as.. Life.




In four days it will be St. Patricks day. I am thinking this as I sit in the car in the driveway looking at my buddy Bones muhgee. What’s that? You don’t know who bones Mughee is. Oh he is my buddy. Bones is a partier that, celebrates every holiday in style. He has his own facebook page and everything.  Everyone is one facebook now.



So yeah four days and then St. Patricks day, but who is St. Patrick and what did he do? When I was younger I thought he was the guy on the lucky charms box, nope and when I got older I thought he had to be the patron saint of drinking, nope again.

St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. He was 16 years old and a non believer when he was kidnapped by Irish pirates, and made a slave. For six years he was an Irish slave and it was during this time that the saint found god and converted to Christianity.  After he was freed Patrick went back home to great Britain became a minister and returned to Ireland. He was an apostle for the island. Preaching the message of Christianity. Saint Patrick is rumored to have used the shamrock to represent the holy trinity in  some messages. Others say that he banished snakes from the isle. There is much folk lore associated with St. Patrick but all that is really known for sure is that he came back to the land he was a slave in, to save the people from hell fire.

Some believe that he did this because of his compassion for the people of Ireland and this is most likely true, but I cannot help but think (and I have never been to Ireland only read and seen pictures of the Isle) that the island somehow captured his spirit with its green shores and cliffs of Mother.


One evening for pleasure I rambled
On the banks of some cold purling stream
I set down on a bed of primroses
And I gently fell into a dream
I dreamt that I saw a fair female
Her equal I never saw before
And I sighed for the laws of our country
As we stray there on Ireland?s green shore

Her cheeks were like two bloomin? roses
Her teeth were like ivory so white
Her eyes shone like two sparkling diamonds
Or the stars on some cold frosty night
She was dressed in the richist attire
And green was the mantle she wore
All bound down with the hemlocks and the roses
As we stray there on Ireland?s green shore

Transgression of joy I awoken
I found this was only a dream
That pretty fair female had fled me
I longed to be slumbering again
May the heavens above be her guardian
Though I know I?ll never see her anymore
May the goldliest sunbeam shine upon her
As she lies sleeping on Ireland?s green shore

One evening for pleasure I rambled
On the banks of some cold purling stream
I set down on a bed of primroses
And I gently fell into a dream

Read more: Tim O’Brien – Ireland’s Green Shore Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Happy early St. Patrick’s day everyone




The only problem with that is…

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Yesterday I posted a blog about, one of the co-founders of WhatsApp. I mentioned how the man was turned down for jobs at both, Twitter and Facebook. Five years later he sold the company that he and his partner started for 19 billion dollars to Facebook. A prime example of why we should not let our failures discourage us. Instead we should embrace and cheer for the failures. Learn from them and never quit.

One of my work colleagues seemed a little down about work, I am not certain but I think he was experiencing, what I like to call the Hamster wheel effect. That is when an employee feels like he or she is working somewhere and not gaining or loosing any momentum, much like a hamster. I wanted to help my colleague so I sent him a link to my blog post from yesterday. He read the post and let me know that the only problem with that was that he had no million dollar ideas.  I immediately thought about Syrup.


Crazy right? Well let me explain. Max Barry, one of my Favorite authors, wrote a book called Syrup. The book is a really good read. A quick read. I read it and so did my girlfriend, we both loved the book. Just last night we watched the movie based on the book. The book of course was much better. The movie utilizes the method of an inner dialogue, which I am not a big fan of.  The dialogue is that of the book and movies protagonist, whose moniker is Scat. Cool name huh? Like jazz music.

Inner dialogue is fine for a book but not a movie. If I were you I would read the book and skip the movie.If you do read the book or even watch the movie you will either hear or read where Scat tells the audience that he once read that, an average adult has 3 million dollar ideas a year.

So the problem really isn’t getting the ideas. Not usually. It is a problem with execution. This is a good thing because that means we all have at least three million dollars a year in us we only need to activate it with perseverance, ingenuity and a little luck







read this book with my girlfriend probably why I like it

love this quote

” I read somewhere that the average adult has three million-dollar ideas per year”

Tie into yesterdays post

Don’t quit

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In 2009 Brian Acton tweeted twice, well many more tweets than two that year, but, two tweets were memorable, because they remarked on his failure to get jobs at two great tech companies.



Ok confession time, I copy and pasted these images from a fellow bloggers post. Find that post here. Ok, I am so glad I got that off of my chest. On with the story. Brian and Jan Koum left their jobs and job hunts and started WhatsAPP. A social media company that allows users to exchange text like messages on their mobile phones without paying the cell phone text messaging fees.

The company is a brillant idea and (more importantly for our narrative) was just sold to Facebook for 19 billion dollars!

So I am not sure what you are doing or who has closed the door on you, you know like maybe twitter and Facebook said no to a job for you, but who knows in five years the same doors may be opened and behind them there could be a billion dollar payout!

Never give up!



The number is 150 otherwise known as the Dunbar Number. Is the water still a little muddy? Yeah I figured it would be, so here is what that number is… the Dunbar number is 150, Professor Dunbar, through exhaustive research in anthropology decided that 150 is the limit of stable social interactions someone can have. Now some critics have pointed out their rather large friends lists on Facebook, as proof that the anthropologist professor had no idea what he was talking about. Years of research and school wiped out by the introverted genius that is Zuckerburg. Well not really if you dissect the definition, in this post for the Dunbar Number one cannot help  but notice the world stable shoved in there and this word stable usually zap many of the friends on our vast friend lists.

If you get the chance, click the link in this post it is (of course) a Wikipedia article explaining the Dunbar Number, a short read and interesting. In the article Dunbar suggests that maintain more relationships than this is neurologically impossible. So in layman’s terms working in large groups could make you go crazy right?


In an effort to get the most “friends” we may find ourselves doing and saying things we normally wouldn’t do, going places we normally wouldn’t go acting well.. kind of crazy. So not to be a super nerd but I would like to quote some Willam Shakespeare here and say “To thine own self be true”.  For anyone who doesn’t know this quote is from a play (a really good one too). In the play a father is saying goodbye to his son for the last time and this is some of the advice he leaves with him. Yeah it is that important.

So while it is interesting and fun to test the limits of stable social interactions I think maybe the thing about that number is not a question of quantity but quality and honesty in the relationships. How many meaningful friends do you have and you know what there is nothing wrong with only one or two.