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I was younger, when I first watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  Twelve year old John sat in my mom and dads living room, watching Harrison Ford step into an abyss and not fall to his certain death.

Confused, yet? If you have seen and remember the film you shouldn’t be confused. Indiana Jones and the last Crusade was a movie starring Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. Indiana and his father search the world for the cup of Christ.  The cup is located in the bowels of “The Lost City of Petra” (which by the way is a have to go to spot on my bucket list). The duo have to, of course, face , tests and traps set up by the protectors of the cup of Christ.


One of the tests is called a leap of faith. Indiana Jones stands at the edge of a cliff and steps forward into what seems to be a never-ending fall but he stumbles forward onto a land bridge! It seems the men and or women who crafted the test built the bridge of the same material as the bottom of the cliff. 

I was 12 when I watched and I was fascinated by the whole concept of faith and I am still fascinated by this concept today. With faith many things have been accomplished. Faith is the most important ingredient in basically any social construct. Faith involves a trust in both yourself and at least one other individual or idea.

When tragedy strikes, it can become easy to have a a crisis of faith. We can feel as though the other party has let us down. Maybe when tragedy strikes it is important to remind ourselves that while we cannot control the actions of others we can control our own actions. By exercising self-control compassion and respect I cannot help but think we are strengthening our faith.