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There are 1 in 100 college degrees, that are fake in the United States of America. That was a statistic I read while researching the fake college degree phenomenon. Here is an interesting article about this.   Now in effort to illicit an emotion  from you about this statistic think this way if you were to see 100 doctors chances are one of them has a fake college degree. (well that isn’t really how statistics work is it?) However the fact remains many people are “faking it”.   I was listening to a news broadcast about fake degrees and the United States task force that was operating and busting the organizations who sold these fake degrees (let me apologize for the lack of the link to this radio show, sorry).  The radio show explained how the task force was successful, but only scratched the surface and was disbanded. So that 1 in 100 is more than likely very different now. probably 3 or 4 in 100 if the trending is correct. Does this bother you?

If you answered yes continue reading. If you answered no, have a great day and rock on man peace.

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So if you are still reading, the fake degree issue bothers you. Why? Is it because they are not real degrees?

Can you define real? It is tough to define real. I mean, most of the degrees from these degreemills are printed and kept in the companies database and have been paid for. Some even make the user submit experience and take a test before handing over a degree. Websters defines real as: genuine; not counterfeit, artificial, or imitation; authentic: a realantique; a real diamond; real silk.  Maybe the best way to describe these degree’s is not the word fake, but non-traditional.

So is it that the degree was purchased in a non-traditional manner? Not earned, well then The traditional method for college education system may be broken.  There is a really interesting article about the future of the traditional  college education system in the United States.  So maybe the “fake degree” degreemill route is not the answer, but the system needs some fixes or we could be looking at a class system much like the cast system of old…

Finally, you may be feeling that people with a “fake degree” lack the skills acquired in pursuit of a traditional college degree. I ask you this, have you meet many recipients of traditional college degrees? Were you impressed with the skills they have garnered from said degree? Yeah deep right. I am a big fan of education. Don’t get me wrong. With the proper education man can do pretty much anything, but I challenge all of us where should an education happen? In the classroom or everywhere. A true student shouldn’t be bound by something as simple as a piece of paper (I am of course referring to a college degree there).  A true student will learn as much as he can no matter where he or she is. There is much to be said for on the job training. When I think of on the job training I immediately think about the “Peter Principle.” That is a man or woman will rise in any organization to their highest level of incompetence. So if the Peter Principle is true, than aren’t we all really just faking it?  real degree or fake?

So what do we really want? When we hire an employee step into a doctors office or onto a plane. We want competent good employees that know how to do their job. I don’t care how they got their degree, as long as they can do the job. That is what really matters. Isn’t it?