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Have you seen the movie “Lilo and Stitch”? I have and I absolutely love this movie. There is a young lonely girl who is being raised by her older sister. Lilo, that is the young girl’s name, befriends an alien who was created by a mad scientist with the purpose to wreck havoc on the world. The alien is named Stitch. Stitch and Lilo find love and learn what Ohana means. Ohana means family but in Hawai Ohana is bigger than biology and love has to be at the center of the family and binds the family and strengthens it.

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I grew up with a mom a dad and my sisters. There was never a moment in my childhood when I did not feel the love in my home. Not everyone is as fortunate as I was.  My ex-wife and I have children and the kids live in two homes their childhoods are way different than mine but through the efforts of the family, I think that my children have always experienced and felt love. In the movie Lilo and Stitch, the alien has some great lines. One is;

“Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten”

― Lilo and stitch


and the other…

This is my family. I found it, all on my own. It’s little, and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good.

Author: Lilo & Stich

I love these lines from this movie. Why?? Well because we are all just messed up and disasters and it shouldn’t matter if we are family then you can be broken and little and if you are a family you will not be left behind. Moms, dads, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles will do anything for their family. It may be messy and take time but family helps the family. The family will fuss and fight but when they love each other they will no matter what, take care of each other.

What’s up with all the family talk? Hey, thanks for asking. See I live in an army town, Hinesville GA. In this town, there is a church the name of the Church is  House of Prayer Christian Church. The church is facing allegations from a lot of Hinesville citizens. The charges brought against the church have come from various sources and are troubling for me the most troubling charge and source comes from parents who are pleading with their children and the church. The parents feel that the church has been and continues to be a wedge in their family.  The local paper has covered this News story. 

As part of the coverage, the local paper filmed a town hall meeting that got heated. The meeting broke my heart when a father and mother were reaching out to their son and he chooses the church over family.


I am not sure what your religious affiliation is but I am sure of this, a religion that destroys a family is not a religion I can support. So no matter what anyone else says be good to your family.





Should it do that?

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If you are my one fan and read my blogs or social media posts then you don’t know I was disappointed in the results of the most recent United States election for president. My disappointment stems from a number of reasons, First and foremost would be the result himself. I am upset that a lot of my neighbors voted for a man who has been aptly described as deplorable. This deplorable character trait for me, is not debatable when it comes to the president elect. Donald trumps actions and rethoric  have been nothing short of deplorable.

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His plans for policy seem to be problematic for me and my children and I will never understand why anyone would vote for this man, but they did and now we will be forced to weather the storms with a foolish narcissistic brute at the helm.

If it is not evident, it should be now, I am not a trump fan, but many of my family and friends are.  They have their reasons for supporting this monster and initially I thought that I could understand these reasons.

I really love my family and friends. I love them because they are family and friends and because they are really good people. Mot all my family and friends would, give someone in need the jacket off their own back.

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Joe Biden was one of the youngest senators in the history of the senate and was elected to the senate six times. Joe went on to become the Vice President and therefore ran the Senate. Joe spent most of his professional life in the senate. Right now his is in the process of transitioning out of the senate and has been receiving thanks and praise from both democrats and republicans. One thing Joe mentioned when interviewed was that he always tried to maintain and instill respect for men and women based solely on the fact that they are men and women. Joe did not agree with many of the republicans ideologies and sensibilities but he did respect his fellow senators and this respect made Joe a success.

Official portrait of Vice President Joe Biden.jpg

I may never understand my family and friends political sensibilities and I don’t think that my love and respect for them will help me understand but I can and do respect and love them as people and I would never let something like politics get in the way of my realatioships with them.




Have you seen the Disney movie “Meet the Robinsons”? I love this movie! I know “Frozen” was amazing and everyone likes it a lot, but Frozen is no “Meet The Robinsons”.  My girlfriend has the Rob Thomas song “Little Wonders” on her Iphone and since we are creatures of the 00 century we do not listen to the radio anymore it is all I Tunes and downloads for us. Road trips are dominated by her eclectic mix of music and every time I hear Rob Thomas sing about :these small hours and these little wonders and twists and turns of fate’ I can’t help but think about that little yellow haired red glasses wearing protagonist from the movie. He was an orphan looked over and over for adoption. He had no one loved science and every project he worked on was a failure he was ready to quit when a time traveler from the future, who needed his help got his attention adventure happens and our protagonist learned somethings.

He learned that failure is temporary.

Forget about the consequences of failure. Failure is only a temporary change in direction to set you straight for your next success.


He learned that family matters and the bond that makes and keeps family is love.

In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony.

Eva Burrows


He learned that giving up never ever works.

“Keep Moving Forward” 
― Walt Disney Company


He learned the best way to get over yourself is to help someone else out.

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” 
― Ralph Waldo Emerson



See how could you not love a movie like that? I think this was one of Disneys best movies  yet! I absolutely love the story and the lesons learned are timeless and empowering.

The song too is incredible when you listen to the lyrics it drives home the point that, when we try to do things and fail or succeed what matters more than the accomplishment is the journey to get there. Doesn’t that seem true? I mean when you are going through it and you embrace it whatever it is what remains? What matters. See great movie and song!

Happy Friday everyone!




The race was over, I had crossed the bridge and stepped over the finish line under the balloon arch. I had only ran a 5k  but it felt like more. I really enjoyed it and I could hear my girlfriend my kids and her kids clapping, I smiled and walked over to our Motley crew.

I really enjoyed the run I enjoy all of these events and the ones who clapped and clap always make the experience that much better, but as I have grown older I have begun to realize that the number of,  the “ones who clap” dwindle. It is not uncommon, for a juvenile to celebrate a birthday and have 30 + people at the event. Cake, Ice cream, presents and clapping happen. As we get older we start to see not only the clapping but also the crowds, presents cake and Ice cream dwindle. We see the dwindling for many reasons.  As we grow older we become more selective of the people at our parties and events, and we realize that events like a 5k or birthday are also not as big deal accomplishments for adults.

I heard someone ask why the office celebrates birthdays? “There is nothing special about someone getting older.” He is right there is not anything special about a birthday but the person can be special.  It is this concept we really began to understand as adults. The idea of people who are special to us and why they are special.

images (19)

I heard another person describe this inner circle idea like this. “No one cares if you finish something unless it affects them.”  I am not sure if it is right or wrong this apathy that we develop for other peoples accomplishments or plights but it is something that happens.  What is important is despite becoming apathetic we should never get malevolent and always stay respectful. We should also remember when our inner circle celebrates with us to be thankful and appreciative for the ones who clap.




Saturday afternoon my girlfriend and I boarded the docked Roseway Schooner and set sail for a two hour day sail. The Roseway is a schooner and historic landmark, it is also a sailboat and a lot of fun on a Saturday afternoon. After boarding the captain let us know where the life vests were and how to use them. The captain retreated to the helm at the back of the boat, or for the nautical readers, he took the helm at the boats stern.
The captains first mate took his position midship and explained how the sails were raised. After the first mates explanation orders were barked and everyone got to work raising the sail.
I held the rope listened for the order and on “altogether now” we pulled the ropes and raised the sail.
The ship was full and there were many people pulling on the line but, it wasn’t until we worked together that we could raise the sails. Working together can sometimes be difficult it can at other times seem impossible, but if we do not work together we will never set sail.




The world is changing. Always changing. The way we did things two years ago are not the same way we do things today. You can go to and buy a 3-d printer (for about 2 grand). You can then go to and download designs for..let’s say a microscope. Feed the printer with the raw material and design through your laptop or tablet and within less than an hour (depending on which printer you bought) you will have a working telescope.


The process which only a few years ago that took a dozen people, a warehouse and an extensive toolkit can now be accomplished at home in your garage. This example is a drastic one but not un-realistic. Because of the changing work place managers and executives have been struggling to keep up with employees and their productivity. Companies which offer managers, productivity tools have cropped up like weeds on my un kept lawn.

As I look over all the productivity tools I began to think that many tools and managers miss the point of employees. Isn’t it the employees job to make the company profitable? So much focus is on productivity today in the modern work place and office that I think not enough maybe spent on turning production into profits.

This trap of losing focus on what is important is not exclusive to business and managers. It can become a trap that many parents, uncles aunts and siblings fall into. A relationship with family members can become estranged for many reasons and most of the time these reasons are petty and small.

At work and home today I want to try to focus on what is important and less on what isn’t. Maybe I will not get left behind  the ever changing world. Maybe




On my way in to work this morning there was an interview with a man who gives employees advice. Today’s advice was on how to call in sick. He mentioned that normally we feel ill roll over call our employer tell him we are sick and will not make it in then roll back over. He said we should stop doing this. What we should do is call co-workers, make arrangements for the days meetings and work prior to calling in sick. That way when we do call in sick we can let the boss know that we will not be there but it is ok because we still took care of all the work we needed to get done.
This got me to thinking about life and how often times we get more caught up in the how instead of the what. Sometimes we need to get things done. I think about family and the changing face of it. I am divorced from my children’s mother and I know that is important for a father and mother to love and support their children. Being divorced and not in the home adds an extra layer to that. This extra layer makes it harder and less orthodox than a family in which both parents live together but it can still be done. The family is changing at a very rapid rate there are families with one parent at home and another away, some families only one parent is there at all, but what matters is that the children are loved and supported. That is important.
I think a good exercise for all of us when we start to feel ourselves getting caught up in the how can I is to breath and ask ourselves what do I need to get done. My dad used to tell me the secret to any maze is to work backwards. Dad is a pretty smart guy
Happy Friday