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Good morning, afternoon or evening ( I have no idea when you are reading this blog). I am posting the blog on Wednesday August 7 2013. The story I am referencing in this post is already “old news”. It seems  scientist have created and grew meat not livestock in a lab. No exclamation point after that statement, there will be one after the next. The test tube meat was put into a burger and two people ate it!

Sounds insane right? I know as I read the stories, I was in disbelief but then I thought about it. The world is becoming more crowded, thanks to modern medicine we have seen the human population swell and because of poor farming practices coupled with bad weather we have seen a livestock shortage. There is also all the abuse we have seen by some slaughter houses and meat processing plants. The debate as to whether or not live stock are sentient beings and the morality behind killing one may become mute. So the benefits to lab meat are plentiful and the two who tasted it said that it was “close to meat

Then I began to wonder to myself… Who were the first homo sapiens to drink cows milk?  It seems that it was 7, 500  years ago when man first drank cows milk and according to this science daily release it was someone in central Europe who drank it.

I wonder what happened? Obviously they survived, maybe they enjoyed the taste, maybe not. Maybe others looked at them sideways and blogged about it. I am not sure what immediately happened but I know this morning it was poured over cereal, and had cookies dunked into it all over the world. So in a few thousand years will man be eating test tube lab grown meat. I have to see yes no doubt and here is the coolest part. Me and you were alive when the first one was made and ate!

You are a part of history. A witness to what intellectuals could possibly call an human evolutionary step. Isn’t that cool?

Now would you eat the burger?  I might





some more links about the test tube meat are at the bottom of the post. I apologize for the geekiness of this article. I am actually working on creating a tech blog, as soon as it is finished I will have a place to put all my tech geek rants and spare everyone from me geeking out. I know the name on the tech blog needs work. If you have an idea fell free to comment on this post


Johnny on the spot

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Saturday afternoon I was working solo in the local soup kitchen.  I usually never work this way at the soup kitchen, but because of other obligations my helpers were not able to make it. Being the intrepid, philanthropist that I am I pressed on.  I arrived at the church early, let myself in, put som food on the stove top and set it to cooking.  I like to be ready before the first wave of customers come in.  On the way into the the kitchen I noticed that the church body had placed a new sign on the grounds, advertising and upcoming event. I wondered when the event would be and I wanted to capture an image  of the sign with my cell phone.  So to get the image I left the food on the stove top and armed only with my cell phone I left the kitchen, went outside. The door to the kitchen closed behind me and locked shut. I had a great photo and no keys. I called one of the church parishioners. Karl, answered on the third ring. I explained my situation to the saint and within 12 minutes Karl was there. Key in hand, he unlocked the door and saved the day.

Karl was Johnny on the spot with access to the kitchen. Without his efforts I am sure the food on the stove would have spoiled and tragedy ensued. I am lucky and blessed to have folks like Karl. Helpful friendly and Johnny on the spot




“I’m not the wizard you were expecting, but I may be the wizard you need.” — That is the quote from the Movie I watched this weekend with my girlfriend  and seven kids. Yeah seven. The movie was, The great and powerful OZ. The movie casted James Franco as OZ, a carnival magician and con man who in a Kansas tornado was swept away to the land of OZ and recruited by the good witch to help free the land of OZ from the tyranny of the wicked witches.


Oz didn’t really have any magic, but used what he had which was ingenuity and support of the people of OZ to do battle against the wicked witches. I will not let you know how it ends. No spoiler here but, do know the movie was excellent.

Oz makes the quote above before he purposes his plan for the movies epic battle. I love that all the kids heard this quote because I think it is important that they learn early on in life that life is not perfect and we have to often do great things with what seems not so great.



Most of us have eaten and still do, hamburgers or steak. This statement can be made in America with a certain, well certainty. (oh man I was in trouble like 3 words into that statement) On a serious note barring the vegan or the vegetarian most people consume and enjoy meat, but few enjoy where and how meat is made.

There is an organization called PETA. PETA is an acronym which stands for; People  for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The organization makes a bold statement on the website about the call for everyone to embrace the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle (please for all the vegans and vegetarians I know there is a difference but I am unsure what it is so I apologize for lumping you together..). “Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment or abuse in any way.”

I have already apologized to Vegans and Vegetarians and now I have to apologize to the animals of the world. I love steak, and I saved all my money while in middle school to buy a leather bomber jacket. I have watched the circus and clapped for the dogs and (insert gasp here) the elephants. One thing I am proud of though is I have never intentionally abused another living thing except for roaches. I know that roaches get a bad rap but they have it and I immediately squish them.

I am not swearing of meat right now. Who knows in the future I may join PETA and swear off meat and protest the circus, but not now. I think that defending the rights of animals is quite a lofty cause and I see great merit to it, but and I mentioned this book before in my blog, there is a book titled “Where am I wearing” it is a global tour to the companies factories and people who make our clothes, it is written by Kelsey Timmerman.


The book displays the horrific conditions that employees are in to manufacture garments sold all over the world. In the preface for the second edition book the author talks about chickening out. He mentions how he does not ask the worker he is interviewing about the conditions he works in, because with that knowledge he would have to either change his spending habits or become apathetic to what could be some serious suffering. Shouldn’t we work harder for the lives of people than we do animals?

I wonder how many ignorant chickens live in this world. We will not try to learn how the hamburger is made because we may not enjoy it as much. I am not sure if this is the case I have seen butchers and hunters and I still enjoy burgers, but after learning about the working condition placed on humans to manufacture many of the clothes I enjoy I am having a harder time truly enjoying them.

I am burdened by the work conditions and that is a big one but what bothers me even more is that I may be unwilling to accept what has to be done. A higher price has to be paid, by me the consumer to provide a better working condition, and I have to educate myself as a consumer through books like Zimmermans and I ask myself the same question every time I shop. How much do I care about the plight of someone else?? So if you are looking for an answer look no further? Did you follow the link to Where am I wearing?



I would like to end with an excert from the preface of the book

“I think deep down I really didn’t want to know about the realities of Amilcar’s life so I didn’t ask?”

imagesCAE2K7OAI was 12 years old and behind my mom and dads was a corner store. Einchorn Beverage, was the stores name and my sisters and I would walk their weekly and spend all the pocket change we had on candy which would rot our teeth out. With our change we bought gum, soda and on days when we had more change we could eve afford chips. Chips days were rare. Usually we settled for pop and gum. The gum we bought was sold by the piece, it was pink hard but wrapped in a small comic strip. I remember one comic strip. The waiter came to the young man at the table and asked how he would like his pizza sliced. The young man told him that he wasn’t that hungry so he should slice it in four as opposed to the normal eight slices. Even know when Typing the joke I smile, but it makes you think a little. Right?
It is a new year and with it we will face some new problems but most of our problems will be older (you know the whole nothing new under the sun thing). Problems here and on the horizon, especially the same ones, maybe we should try slicing our pizza differently? Just some corner store comic wisdom to kick off our Thursday.


I was on my way to work this morning and listening to a radio story detailing the fine cuisine in a restaurant. The interviewer spoke with customers and kitchen staff about the fine dining. I was in shock when I heard that the restaurant was in Mogadishu. The news story is on NPR, and it is really worth a read! The story goes on to point out that the country of Somalia has been brutalized through a 21-year-old civil war, and that even now the stability of the region is not well stable, but people must eat and the restaurant owner is aware of this.

The restaurant is successful so far and not without some unfortunate violence. The violence is squashed by the security in the restaurant and the one fatalities are the terrorist themselves. Hearing this success story simply reinforces my faith in good people.  Good people are not heroes but they do heroic acts that make the world go around, like feeding people.

I think salman Rushdie  put it best when he said “How do you defeat terrorism? Don’t be terrorized.”




So you may be asking yourself after reading this post’s title,  why can this guy not spell? Well to answer your question I think it is a combination from a short attention span throughout all my schooling coupled with a laziness while writing, or typing, which prevents me from looking up a words proper spelling. I am not sure what combination it is that makes me such a poor speler and I am working on becoming better at the spelling thing, but in this case whey is spelled that way because I am referring to a by-product that comes from making greek yogurt.

Coming into work I was listening to a radio program which was detailing the rise in popularity of  greek yogurt in the United States and because of the popularity peak many dairies have ramped up production of this delicacy. With any type of yogurt there is a certain amount of whey created. Conventional yogurts whey a process of reclamation is employed and the yogurt is used by some cheese manufacturing. The whole idea of wasting nothing immediately comes to mind for me. The problem with greek yogurt whey is that it is far too acidic to be used in any cheeses. This problem has become a chief concern for some of the greek yogurt manufactures one manufacture handles the problem by selling the whey to a local waste management facility which has a process by which they break down the way and produce a gas that can in turn support the facility with electric power, the problem with this solution is that it is cheaper for the facility to simply buy power from the local utility, so this process may be too expensive to be a sustainable option for the yogurt manufacturer. Another solution employed is using the whey in a manure mixture for local farmers who are paid to put this on their crops. The manure solution has limitations as well not so much financial more logistical and temporal. In other words there are not enough nearby farms to handle all the whey waste generated from the yogurt companies.

The yogurt companies bring in a lot of money to upstate New York so to help with the whey problem Cornell has put together a  task force which will provide some options for the yogurts acidic by-product. I may be letting my inner geek show but I am excited to see what the force comes up with. Could whey become a new clean energy providing free sustainable cheap power to the whole upstate New York area? Who knows. We will soon find out though.

Life is always messy. There will always be some whey in our way and finding an elegant and simple solution beneficial to everyone involved in our life to deal with this way is what makes you a grandmother, and a mother.


and happy thanks giving