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It’s here or Santa came

Posted: January 6, 2017 in Uncategorized
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Growing up in the United States I was taught the lore of Santa Claus. Santa, (in case you have not been raised in the United States or have been living under a rock) is a legend. He is, a mythical being who, rides across the globe on a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer, delivering presents to good boys and girls on Christmas eve. Christmas is the celebration on the 25th of December. Christmas is the annual festival that for the religious, celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the non religious celebrate joy of the winter solstice.

When I would wake up on Christmas morning I would rush down stairs to the tree (the tree is another post altogether) and look to see what presents came from Santa. My sisters would shoot “Samta came” and we would open our gifts. Excited about the joy that the gifts would bring us.

Friday is named after Frigga the wife of Oden, the last day of the work week and it is finally here. I feel like the child on Christmas morning hearing my sisters shout again. I cannot wait to finish my Friday work and experience the joy that my weekend brings.

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I hope your weekend brings you joy as well and I know that it can if you put your mind to it. Do something you love this weekend with people you love. That is a formula that, will result in some joy.





Hey it is Friday

Posted: August 29, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I don’t know about you but this week has dragged for me. I feel like it has lasted for two weeks. This feeling can come from both boredom and just being too tired. There is an interesting article about time warping and the different kind of it and I thought about going into a whole rumination about it, but it is Friday. If you want to read about it here  that is the link to a pretty good story but for today watch the video I posted crank the sound wherever you are and enjoy Friday!!!

Good news right? Time to unplug and recharge. You worked hard and deserve it! Didn’t you? If not take heart you can put in a full 8 hours and earn the weekend. 

“Earn the weekend” I am not the boss. I am just a simple worker bee, a mindless corporate drone working my plot it is not a lot but it’s my lot. If I were the boss, (one of the many bosses I have) here in corporate America I would have a sign above all the entrances and exits that read: ” Earn your weekend.”  I can imagine all the questions I would get. “what does that mean earn your weekend?”, “are you saying we don’t work hard enough?” “Is John passively calling us lazy?” “Should that inspire us?”

Then I wouldn’t answer any of the questions. I would expertly dodge them, and just sit back and watch. I for one love this concept, of earning the weekend. Nothing taste sweeter than a glass of ice cold water after running a 5k or half marathon. Nothing feels better, than crawling into bed after an exhausting day of work.  The feeling of accomplishment and relaxation you get all at the same time is hard to describe and something I always try to replicate. That is what I hope in my imaginary world, (you know the one where I am the leader of my slice of corporate America) would happen. I would hope that everyone would see the sign and be inspired. 

They would think, my job may be meaningless and not pay much but I am going to show up Monday – Friday and do my best every hour of everyday. Despite the inane nature I will earn my weekend! 

Enjoy Friday everyone and Happy birthday Cassie