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So there was some news the other day about the environment. The world now has more carbon than in the air than it has in 3 million years and air pollution kills more people now than high cholesterol.   Whatever you feel about climate change, or global warming the argument that air pollution is a problem should not be an argument at all. Pollution is a serious global problem.

When I was a kid my mom took us trick or treating and our dad was working the night shift. Without someone to stay at the house and hand out candy to neighbourhood ghosts and goblins mom was worried but as moms always do she came up with a plan. Mom found a huge white plastic bowl filled it with candy and put a sign on it. The sign read happy Halloween, please take only one.

The world is growing and man is consuming more each year. is an interesting website which has numbers on the worlds consumption. It is interesting to watch the numbers rise on the site. You can see the world’s population numbers, the consumption of everything and then if you scroll down the page you will see numbers on obesity. After reading the obesity numbers you can then read the numbers about the starving, impoverished and the deforested numbers.

It seems not everyone has taken only one from the candy jar. With pollution problems. Resource management will become and should be a priority for everyone. When we over eat we suffer in form of obesity and when we participate in a decadent lifestyle we pay for it with air pollution.

I guess the lesson from air pollution is take only what you need and if you want more than your needs change your wants. Until we reign in consumption we will see our planet destroyed and we will choke ourselves in our greed and over consumption.