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So unless you hae been living under a rock in a cave without access to radio, internet or television you have heard about “the god particle“aka Higgs particle. What you haven’t heard about? This is big news! This is big news not just for super geeks like me either (good point maybe not super geek just like a hobby geek or like a super geek in training I digress sorry), this is big news for everyone. Why is it big news for you? This is physics and science stuff and I am not a scientist or a physicists so why does this matter to me?

Well, I will in an infuriating move not answer your question right away but parry it with, you guessed it, another question. When was the last time you used a microwave? Or better yet when was your last text or cell phone conversation? Did you ride in a car? Last vacation did you ride on a roller coaster? I know that was more than one question, but all the questions were related, not only are they pretty common occurrences, but they are all done because of an understanding of physics. So back to the original question at hand this science and physics stuff matters because, physics is a natural science that involves the study of matter and its motion through spacetime. I think that defines physics as pretty much every one of us right?

It matters because the god particle and proof of its exsistence lay credence to the theory that the universe exists and interacts in more of a type of field than separate masses. The advancements through understanding this field and the interactions will result in some pretty exciting discoveries and applications, imagine traveling through this field (which is the universe) with no action on your part. This could very well be a reality. The existence of the god particle matters and is big news because with it we may have a better understanding of where everything came from.

Everything is connected, we read this and hear it everywhere, tv, church, school ,work, the gym even the doctor. We know this is true within our own lives but now with this big news we can see and have proof that this is true with truly everything! Are you excited yet? No hmm maybe I am a super geek, sorry but bottom line is coming soon their will be some more major changes in the world we live in thanks to physics and science and it is important to remember two things. First since we are all connected we need to be good to each other and second you heard it here on first!  (What not first? Yahoo, Google, CNN, NPR, BBC man well you heard it here best right?), Well whether it is here first or not enjoy each other and the future.