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Religion,  Fairy Tales, History and our family narratives are passed down in story form to our children. We take them to Sunday School, read them Grimm fairy tales, discuss the origins of thanksgiving and the fourth of July. On our way to grandmas house we tell the story of how grandpa met grandma. There is a popular television show titled “How I met Your Mother”.

The television show is a father giving his sons and daughters the narrative of how he met their mother. The children learn and all the viewers at home are entertained by the fathers antics. Isn’t this what we do with our children? We entertain and engage them they learn. They learn that God or a supreme being (depending on your religion) provides hope.  Our children learn through fairy tales that their is hope and that they can survive. Even if they are trapped in a witches cage they can fight the odds and will survive. The children learn through our history, that we can adapt and survive. Finally through our family narrative the children learn that mom, dad, aunts, uncles and grandparents had tough times and good times and the lived.


The best lesson we can give our children is this… No matter what happens you can survive. Others have and so will they. We can and should do this through story.  Never stop telling stories to your children.