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Ahh good ol’ nostalgia kicked in this morning when I sat in front of the magic machine with the glowing pictures and started typing. I know I totally agree I am not old enough for nostalgia to kick in. So this monring when I sat down in front of my pc and started banging out the post for today I began to think back for some reason to my 11th grade biology class.

I couldn’t for the life of me recall the teachers name and I am not a woman so I was unable to look through an old high school yearbook on account of I do not own one.

My mom or my sister may have some (they are both women) guys just don’t keep those things. Despite not knowing my high school biology teachers name I can tell you what I learned in his class.

The weird part is that I didn’t learn a lot about biology. I learned two very important things though. Furst was a quote of his “a wise man doesn’t know everything but does know where to find everything” I am unsure if more true words have been spoken and second I learned that every living thing is part of a system and within the every living thing their are more systems.

With the kids in school sometimes I worry that they are not absorbing enough but thinking back to my time in school I know I probably seemed more like a rock as opposed to the sponge. I am sure that more than one of my teachers felt his or her time was wasted pouring water over this rock but a lot found the cracks in the rock and it all turned out ok.  So next time I worry about the whole absorption thing I will try to remember what I learned in 11th grade biology class.

Here is a picture of the fromt of my old high school where I learned things in 11th greade






ps I may be taking this trip down memory lane because of a freind of mines excellent post today  check it out