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In the front of the church there are dozens of shoe boxes wrapped in Christmas paper and empty. The boxes disappear, taken home by the members, to be filled with presents and hygiene products. The boxes will reappear this week and be sent to under privileged children world-wide. The ministry is part of Samaritans Purse and is called operation Christmas Drop. 

Samaritans purse is headed by the eldest son of Billy Graham, Franklin Graham and today is Billys birthday. Happy birthday Billy! Billy Graham is a 94-year-old evangelist who has been evangelizing and spreading the christian faith through compassionate actions and fiery revivals for over fifty years.

Billy preached with Martin Luther King Jr. and even bailed Dr. King out of jail after some protests. The Billy Graham ministries have reached over 2.2 billion people and even created their own pavilion for the 1964 New York Worlds fair. I found it amazing that his compassionate ministry is carried own by his sons. I also find it odd that on his birthday politicans celebrate victories or learn from defeats and even in the greatest victory no politician will have the positive impact this man has through compassion and charity on the world!

Happy Birthday Billy!






So Sunday was an interesting day for me, how about you. My Sundays are usually consumed by worship and food, however yesterday was not the case for me and my girlfriend. (Get yours gasps ready.) Yesterday me we decided to play hooky from church service (insert gasps here). We spent the morning hours watching an older comedy, which I had seen before and she had not, it was “Red” (great movie if you haven’t seen it you should, men Mary Louise Parker does a really good job and for the ladies, my girlfriend says Bruce Willis is still hot in it), after the ,movie we decided to explore the nearby historic Savannah GA.

We do not live in Savannah but we are close enough to enjoy a ride to the Empire city of the south every once in a while, like when you skip church or something.. Have you ever read “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”, or seen the movie of the same namesake? Pretty good book and movie and both were set in and really showcased Savannah GA.  Savannah is a beautiful southern east coast city. If you ever get the chance come see Savannah.  Savannah is unique in the south because it has retained many of the old buildings and ambiance from days past, thanks in part to the gifting of the city to the president during the civil war by the malevolent General Sherman.  It is the architecture and feel of the city that we were enjoying and that also caused my girlfriend to twist her ankle. there are steps leading to a street that are very steep and treacherous and these steep steps did their dastardly deeds on her ankle.

Older architecture is something to look and marvel at however it is not always the most well received for getting around on. However the city of Savannah is excellent at creating a juxtaposition of old and new structures and it is in this delicate dance that we found an elevator to carry us back up stairs to market street.
Now because we took the elevator as opposed to the 100-year-old steps we were in a different area than we were earlier. Walking back, slowly gingerly to the car ( I offered to go pick it up while she waited at one of the cities beautiful squares benches, but she would have none of that. It was during our slow walk that we realized that the Historic Savannah Theater was putting on a show at three o’clock that day.

Looking down at my watch and her cell phone we realized it was 3 after 3 and we decided to pay the box office a visit. The lady at the box office let us know that there were two tickets available and (drumroll) they were Front Row Seats! I love live entertainment and I can count on one hand the amount of times I have sat in the front row. The two of us watched the cast from the Historic Savannah Theater, act, sing and dance their way through “Jukebox Journey”. We absolutely loved it!! If you are ever in Savannah do yourself a favor and see any production this theater is putting on! Well don’t take my word for it.. “If you get to Savannah go to the theater on Bull Street and watch a great performance!” –Reba Mcentire.

My girlfriend apologized for hurting her ankle I told her that if she hadn’t hurt her ankle we would not have walked they route we did and therefore would have missed a great show and wonderful afternoon, so no apologizes were needed. 

The ankle is still swollen, she has decided to try to stay off it for a while and see what happens. Life is full of twisted ankles and unplanned events, embracing them and enjoying the directions we take make a world of a difference.